Friday, January 05, 2007

Let it snow. Let it snow. Not Again!

The title of my post is the headline from the metro section of today's Denver Post.

Here are the first two lines of the story:
Forecasters predict a third snowstorm in as many weeks today, with up to 8 inches in some parts of the metro area and up to 18 inches in the foothills. That's unwelcome news to communities still digging out from the past two storms.

Yeh...that about sums things up. After being hit by two blizzards in two weeks, it's fair to say we're a little tired of the snow. Yet it's snowing right now and school is closed for the day. Yippee! Having the day at home with the kids is always welcome. Just wish I could figure out how to get the day off without more snow piling up out there. This is their 3rd snow day in three weeks...they've had to close for three of their six scheduled days. Makes me very thankful I get to stay at home with them.

We had a wonderful Christmas. All of John's family drove out here the day after Christmas and we got to spend almost a week with them. That was a little longer than originally planned, but they were snowed in as all of the roads east and southeast of here were closed for a few days after the storm. We enjoyed their visit very much and were only house-bound for a couple of days, and even that was fun for me. The kids LOVED being with their cousins and had the best time together. We were excited we had so much snow for them to play in and they loved it too. I have no doubt it will be one of their more memorable Christmases for years to come.

I won't bore you with all of the details of the blizzards we've had, but here are a few of the more "interesting" stories I've come across during the last two weeks:

One news stations interviewed a young girl who missed her wedding when DIA shut down and she couldn't get a flight out. She said she was out of tears...she'd cried them all.

It took 15 days for UPS to get a Christmas package delivered to us. My kids got Christmas...round 3! Loved it. One of our friends didn't get her gift from Santa until a few days after Christmas...according to the note he left it was too special to ride on Santa's sleigh and so he had his elves shipped it from the American Girl store in Chicago...but the blizzard fouled things up for a timely arrival (despite the $23 in non-refundable express shipping charges).

A family in New Mexico took in 44...again 44...stranded motorists when they were stuck in their cars on a rural highway. Their saving grace was an Affiliated Food truck (also stranded). The driver got permission to break the seal and distribute the surplus. They ended up having one big party and making some life-long friends. Don't you think that sounds fun??

Sure there's more, but those are the most interesting I've come across!

Enjoy your day wherever you are...and if you love the snow...COME SEE US! It's not going anywhere for awhile!