Friday, February 02, 2007


It is seriously cold outside today. Temps an hour ago were -17. C-O-L-D. This is the coldest, snowiest winter we've had since we've lived here. I like the snow, but I dont' like the cold. We still have 2-4 foot drifts and snow banks in our yard from our twin blizzards back in December. It's just crazy.

We were supposed to get more snow last night, and we did, just not as much as they were predicting. The kids have a 2 hour delayed start this morning (mainly due to the dangerous wind chills -33). I was hoping for a snow day, but since we're running low on snow days, I guess a late start is the best option. Beginning next week all elementary schools in our district will begin classes 15 minutes earlier every day. We've used almost all of our snow days this year and we haven't even hit our snowiest months (April/March). It's highly unusual for us to have used this many days so early in the year. So the recovery time begins. Our district has also taken away our 4 remaining early dismissal days with the possibility of taking away more days we have scheduled "off". Interesting stuff. And it's not just our's almost every district in our county.

Enough about the weather!

One of our good friends was at our house for three days this week PAINTING for us! We've lived with white walls for 3+ years now and I can't believe the difference that COLOR has made! I love it. He painted most of our upstairs (kitchen/den/hallway/etc) and it looks great. Love it! He painted one wall a dark red and within minutes of finishing, BOTH of the girls had touched it/brushed against it. He was a good sport and touched it up before leaving. I wasn't too happy with them though.

Will is coming up on his 10th birthday next week. 10 years And just this week I went to a Kindergarten Orientation for Parents. My baby will start kindergarten in the fall. When I ask her what mommy will do without her during the day, she always looks at me and says, "You'll cry." She's probably more right than she even knows.