Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I got this in an email last week, and it made me laugh very, very, very hard. As a former pastor's wife, I can relate all too well!

There was one time that John mentioned in a sermon that our house was a mess and he had to iron his own shirts. It was, in fact, very true. It was also true that I had a 10-month-old baby, was pregnant with child #2, and had a serious bout of morning all-day sickness. The upside of him sharing that was that an older lady in our congregation hired a lady to come clean and iron for me every week. "Miss Janie" came every week for almost 3 years! Man, I miss those days! What a blessing that was.

So, see, it's not always bad!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rollin' with it...

I thought this afternoon I'd be posting fun pictures of my cute kindergartener on her field trip to the farm. You know, the field trip that has been rescheduled twice this month because of snow. Actually, I would love to post some pictures, but unfortunately I don't have any because Abbey is home sick today.

She has a yucky cold, and a yuckier cough, and even though this trip to the farm is all she's been talking about for weeks, she decided this morning that she didn't feel like going. It's so unlike her to willingly miss anything so I knew she must feel really, really bad.

In addition to playing nurse, I've been able to get some laundry done and my kitchen floor mopped. Nothing like a day at home to get caught up on chores!

Speaking of chores... lately Abbey hasn't been very willing to let me get my cleaning done in the afternoons when she's home. She'd much rather me be playing with her. I do play with her, but I also like to keep my house relatively neat and clean too. A couple of weeks ago, I told Abbey that I really needed to clean the bathrooms. And, of course, that didn't sit well with her because she wanted to play Cinderella. My creative child was willing to compromise and allow me to clean by deciding I would be Cinderella and she'd be the wicked stepmother. Cinderella would be banished to the basement to do all the cleaning and scrubbing, while she would be upstairs getting ready for the ball (dress-up and real make-up were involved). It was hilarious, but it worked! She let me finish cleaning the bathrooms and fold some laundry before she realized that she was playing mostly alone. We've repeated this little game a few times, and she thinks it's the grandest thing to boss me around. :)

SOS! I just switched out a load of laundry, and as I was cleaning the lint filter on the dryer, Sarah's tube of strawberry-kiwi Lipsmacker (yeah, the same one that got washed because it was in the pocket of her jeans) rolled down into the filter compartment. Oops. I tried to get it out but my arm wasn't long enough. The dryer started just fine though. What should I do???? And is my next load of laundry going to smell like strawberry-kiwi Lipsmacker???? It's always something around here!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Question of the Week...

Do you clip coupons?

Me? Yes ma'am. I've been clipping them for ages. (Or at least for the almost 18 years I've been married.)

I save between $25-40 each month in coupons. Sometimes more.

So...are you a coupon clipper too?

So, how are you?

"How are you?" is a question I've never been too fond of.

Yet, I'm guilty of asking it, and of asking it often. For some reason it seems to be part of a a typical greeting for most of us. "Hi Meredith, how are you?"

You know how I usually respond when the question is asked of me?

"Oh, hi Lisa, I'm fine, how are you?"

The reason I'm not particularly fond of the question is because I think it's rare that we answer that question authentically?? It's just too easy to say "fine, wonderful, great" and move on.

Saturday night we were at a birthday party for one of our dearest friends. There were lots of people there, some were stangers and others were good friends that I haven't seen in awhile. As we were driving home and I was reflecting on the evening, I was struck by the number of people who asked me, "Meredith, how ARE you?" For some, their question wasn't flippant or unintentional. They were my friends and they really, really wanted to know how I was.

I think it's because a few years ago, I took a risk and assumed that if someone asked, they really wanted an authentic answer. I remember one afternoon at church when B, a brand-new friend, asked me how I was doing, and the weight of all that was going on in my life came crashing down. I told her that I wasn't fine...that I was a wreck...and shared my story of ministry-related pain. It felt risky for me, but I sensed that B wasn't just asking in the formality realm. B has become such a good friend to me. She asks me when she sees me how I'm doing, and I feel the freedom to tell her, "I'm doing really well", or "B, it's been a hard week". Bottom line for me is that I trust her with my heart and with my feelings. I know I can answer authentically because B loves me and will pray for me, and she'll remind me of truth when I need her too. She won't try to "fix" me or offer solutions, she'll just listen, and understand, and pray. And I have the awesome privilege of doing the same for her

I also remember another time that I took a risk when that question was asked of me. "Hi, Meredith, how are you?" The person asking that question was the source of my ministry-related pain. Things were extremely tense between us, and she already knew that I was anything BUT fine. In an attempt to be as honest with her as I could in response to a question that didn't feel genuine, I said, "You know, W, I don't know how to answer that right now--do you really want the truth?" Yeah, um, that went over like a lead balloon, and led her to promptly uninvite my family for dinner and hang up the phone. What??!??

I don't tell you that story to be mean. That's not who I am. I tell it only for the contrast. There is such a difference when a true friend asks how you're doing. You just sense it don't you? They really care about you and they care about your answer. But sometimes we sense that the person asking really doesn't care. Asking is just a formality.

I had three dear friends ask about me on Saturday. Three friends who really care about me and where I am, where my heart is, and what God is doing in my life. It felt good, it felt safe, and it made me realize that too much of the time, I ask that question without really wanting to know the answer or being willing to take the time to listen to what might be said.

It made me realize that I want to be intentional with a question like that. I want to ask out of genuine interest or concern. And I'm even trying to come up with a different question and response for casual situations.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Things I love on Saturday mornings...

I love waking up at my normal time and realizing it's Saturday, and I don't have to get out of bed just yet. I love it even more if my body lets me fall back asleep, even if it's only for 45 minutes longer.

I don't really love it when Jack-the-Beagle comes in my room and licks my face while I'm asleep. Yeh, that'll wake a girl up.

I love to stay in bed while awake, and talk to John. We hardly ever wake up at the same time during the week, so when we both sleep in and wake up together, it's nice.

I love to hear our kids playing while we're talking. They usually like each other the most in the mornings.

I love that my kids get excited about Saturday morning cartoons. We don't have cable, so they're limited to what's on television, but there are a few shows they love, and I remember how excited watching cartoons used to be for me!

I love having the morning "off" from breakfast duty. John is the chief pancake flipper on Saturdays.

I love sipping my chai at the table while John drinks his coffee. Saturday morning is really the only unhurried morning of our entire week.

I love waking up to a clean house on Saturdays. I don't always get to clean on Fridays, but when I do, it's so nice, and it makes our weekends feel more relaxed.

I love not having an agenda for the day. The only thing we're planning to do today is attend our friend's surprise *50th* birthday party.

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm It!

This must be the week for the memes because I got tagged this week for 3 of them.

Natalie tagged me for this one:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was 6.5 months pregnant and trying to keep up with a very active 14 month old. I'm pretty sure I was exhausted.

5 Snacks I'd enjoy in a perfect non weight-gaining world:
Doritos--cool ranch or nacho cheese, or both!
nestle flipz (white chocolate)
rice krispie treats (preferably with peanut butter)
french fries
hot bread and butter

5 Snacks I enjoy in the real world:
Apples (fuji or jazz) with peanut butter
yogurt/fruit smoothies

Thing I would do if I were a billionaire:
give some more
pay off debt
buy a cabin in the mountains

5 Jobs that I've had:
sno-cone stand worker
student worker in development office
church secretary
CM consultant

Three of my habits:
I pick my lip.
I drink out of the same purple MOPS cup every single day.
I pull my hair out (literally). When I'm reading or watching tv, I pull out strand after strand after strand. And I still have more hair than I know what to do with!

5 Places I have Lived:
Jonesboro, AR
Arkadelphia, AR (2 times)
Fort Worth, TX
Irving, TX

Diedre and Gina both tagged me for this meme. I've done this one (or some variation of it) several times, so if you're really bored and want to know more about me, you can click here, or here, or here.

7 Random Things about Me:

1. I go behind my family and close all the doors they leave open. If I'm in a grumpy mood, I do it rather loudly, while sighing heavily. I'm a door closer, and I'm pretty sure that the other people who live in my house are oblivious to open doors.

2. I'm also a door-locker. As soon as I close our front, back, or sliding patio doors, I mindlessly lock them. It annoys my family, especially if they're a little slow in following me into the house. :)

3. If I find a song on a cd that I like, I listen to it over and over and over and over and over ad nauseum. When I drove to meet Carrie for lunch on Monday, I listened to the same song all the way there and all the way home. My sister still complains about the time we drove home from college and I made her listen this song for the entire 4 hour trip. I doubt she'll ever forgive me, but hey, she'll never forget those lyrics.

4. I'm a neat freak, but for some reason that only seems to apply to my house. My van is an absolute mess. I've spent the last two afternoons cleaning it as I've been waiting in the pick-up line at school. And it's still not clean. I don't know why it stays in such a mess.

5. I wish I loved to garden. My yard needs some attention and I don't even know where to begin. It's all drudgery for me.

6. I love to laugh. I laughed out loud a little while ago when I picked Abbey up from kindergarten. A lady walked in front of my van and she had a sticker on her rear end. One of those long, clear, size/price strips that you could easily forget to peel off (ahem, not that I've ever done that or anything). I discreetly told her she'd forgotten to remove it before she put her pants on and she thanked me profusely. I didn't tell her I'd laughed out loud first.

7. I'm trying to wean myself off of sugar this week. I feel SO much better when I don't eat it. But it's SO hard. I'm doing okay, but those Nestle Flipz (thanks, mom!) are staring me down. I'm afraid if I have one, I won't be able to stop! Pray for strength.

Wanna play along too? Please let me know if you do!


Yesterday afternoon, the girls and I went to Focus on the Family to meet my friend, Leah. Leah's husband is a minister, and their church graciously gives their ministerial staff a month-long sabbatical (after 4 years of ministry) and they chose to spend part of that time in Colorado! Leah is a blog friend of mine and we got to meet IRL (in real life) yesterday, and it was so much fun!

She is SO sweet, and I enjoyed talking to her while our kids played. The visitor center at Focus on the Family has a fabulous indoor play center, Wit's End, on the bottom floor. There's a gigantic, three-story slide (A-Bend-A-Go) and a puppet theater, a reading nook, a stage and dress-up clothes for putting on plays, a recording studio, and MUCH more, including a soda shoppe. The kids eventually warmed up to each other and had a fun time, and Leah's husband was great to help keep an eye on everyone so we could visit. As we were driving to pick Will up from track practice, Abbey said, "Mom, I really liked that family we played with at Focus. Especially the little girl. She was so nice."

Earlier this week, I got to meet another blog friend, Carrie.

I think this whole blogging phenomenon is so amazing. I've met so many people out there who I'm sure I would gravitate toward if we lived closer. Blogging has expanded my circle of friendship beyond the parameters of my community and has enriched my life in so many ways.

People ask me if I get nervous about meeting all these blog friends, and honestly, no, I don't. Probably because I tend to be an extrovert and a people person, and meeting new people is something I enjoy. And like I said earlier in the week, it's not really as if I'm blindly meeting someone. Leah and I have been reading each other's blogs since last summer, and so even though I met her face-to-face yesterday, I really have "known" her for about a year. Because we've "known" each other for awhile, we were able to skip some of the surface-talk and share some heart to heart stuff, and it was very, very good!

Leah...thank you for taking time to connect with me. I hope the rest of your time in Colorado is wonderful. And I'll even be *okay* if it snows while you're here because I know it would make your family happy!

Oh...and notice my haircut? I didn't chop it off after all!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

fruity question

Alright, this week's question is about fruit. What's your favorite?

I don't know if I could ever choose a favorite because I like almost every kind. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I could live on fruit, especially in the summertime. I tend to go a bit crazy buying it in the summer when everything is so fresh and juicy!

I think I like berries the best...strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, dingleberries (just kidding--I was seeing if you were paying attention!)

What do you love best?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Stuff...

Did you know today is Earth Day?

Look what Abbey did with her Daisy troop this afternoon.

They each planted a tree! A pine sapling, actually. A couple of weeks ago, we made a worm habitat, and each of the girls got to add some of our fat and happy worms and some compost to their pot. They LOVED it!

Did you know that the first Earth Day celebration was April 22, 1970? Yep. And guess what? I wasn't even alive then. It makes me feel young to verbalize that. Anyway, we talked to the girls about taking care of our environment, and next week we're going to finish earning our green petal (our last one for the year!) when an environmental engineer comes to talk to us about recycling.

Sarah got a fun surprise in the mail today. One of her American Girl dolls, Kailey, has been in the hospital. Her poor arm fell off a while ago. Sarah showed it to her grandmother when she was visiting over spring break, and Mimi sent Kailey to the American Girl hospital for her. Kailey arrived home today complete with hospital gown, get-well balloon, and her arm as good as new. Sarah was elated! Thank you, Mimi. Daughter and doll are happily snoozing together right now.

It's been another good day...and tomorrow is shaping up to be fun too. Stay tuned for the question of the week...

Monday, April 21, 2008


Mondays aren't usually my favorite day of the week, but today has been an extra fun day!

We usually play a little game at dinner on Monday nights. Don't ask me why we play on Monday. We don't really plan it, but it just always seems to fall that way. We go around the table and each of us tells the best part of our day, and the worst part of our day.

If you were a guest at our table tonight, you'd have heard me say that the best part of my day was getting to meet my blog friend, Carrie. I found Carrie's blog last summer and she quickly became one of my favorite bloggers. She is so down to earth, and smart, and sweet, and she constantly challenges me to think about being a good steward--of money, posessions, time, our environment, etc. Carrie lives in Iowa, but she's from Colorado. She's been in town visiting her parents for a few days. Her visit was actually a surprise for her dad who ran a 50K race (31 miles) on Saturday. Wow!

I loved visiting with her over lunch at 3Margaritas--my favorite mexican restaurant. It's actually kinda weird (in a good way) to meet a blog friend in real life because you already know so much about them from their blog. Carrie and her husband are in the process of buying their first home, and it was so exciting to hear all the details, and to see God's hand in some of the timing issues. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to spend time with her today!

And...the cool thing is that another one of my blog friends is vacationing in Colorado this week, and I'm hoping to connect with her too! How fun is that??

Oh yeah, the worst part of my day? Probably all the homework we had to tackle tonight, including Will's poster project that we put off all weekend.

I am really looking forward to getting my hair cut tomorrow. I keep looking at my hair in that photo above and thinking that it is SO long. I think I'm going to get my stylist to chop off a couple of inches, but I know I'll miss being able to pull it up in a ponytail.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sometimes a break is a good thing

If you haven't noticed, I've been on a bit of a blogging break. It wasn't an intentional break though. Our computer decided sometime on Tuesday not to let us log into Blogger. Every single time one of us tried, it kicked us out and completely closed our browser window. Irritating. So very irritating. John took the 'ole Mac to the Mac store this week and the guy told him some things to try. Finally, after reinstalling the OS, we're up and running again. Yay!

Here's some of what I didn't get to post about last week...

Another winter storm dumped about 7 inches of snow on us. For the second week in a row, Abbey's field trip and our school's science fair were cancelled due to snow. Do you know how un-fun it is to reschedule this kind of stuff during the last few weeks of school???

Before (and after) the big storm, we had a very nice taste of spring with temps in the 70s. I even broke out the capris! After wearing jeans for six months, I'm seriously in need of some sunless tanner.

I had to deal with a heaping dose of mom guilt this week. More to come on that.

The kids were out of school on Friday for a teacher workday. They specifically asked if we could go to Carls Jr. for lunch. We did, and we went bowling too. It was very fun. And FYI, all that practice on the Wii does NOT make one a better bowler.

My huge project at the kids' school--the yearbook--is 99% finished. My two friends did all the layouts and it looks fabulous! It goes to the printer tomorrow. And I am so happy. This is the first week in a long time that I have nothing yearbook related on my calendar for the upcoming week. I feel so free!

In fact, the only things on my calendar this week are fun things! I'm hoping to get to meet two of my favorite blog friends who are visiting close by. I'm just a teensy bit excited about that!

Even though I didn't really plan this blog break, it wasn't such a bad thing. It's amazing how much more I get done when sitting down at the computer isn't an option! And now I'm off to enjoy our lovely spring weather! Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Question of the Week

Okay...I wanna know what your favorite television show is.

I love, love, LOVE Gilmore Girls. I like LOST and 24 also, but I think Gilmore Girls is my most favorite.

What about you? What show(s) do you love???

Monday, April 14, 2008

Middle School

Sunday morning, our youth minister made an announcement inviting all the kids entering middle school to join them for an upcoming get-together. I was half-way paying attention when I realized that I WILL HAVE A MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT next year. Oh my word...where did the time go???

Tonight John took Will to an info night at the middle school he'll be attending. Will came home very excited. He even signed up for band!

Wow. Middle school. I really don't know if I'm ready for this.

weekend realizations...

We had a nice weekend. Very restful and super low-key, and just what we all needed around here.

These are a few things I've realized about our weekends:

1. We all love having John at home with us. My kids especially love it, and when he's around, I'm pretty much invisible to them. He's their go-to guy for everything. Which really isn't such a bad thing for me. It means I can take two-hour naps, or read, or surf the net, or whatever while their daddy plays with them for hours on end. Nice.

2. We're super protective of our Sundays, but over the last year, we've become super protective of our Saturdays too. We all feel out of sorts when our weekend is consumed with activity. Our favorite weekends are ones that find us at home with each other and two blank calendar pages. That is truly restful. So, yeah, I'm stingy with our Saturdays and Sundays.

3. Ummm...that 2-hour nap I mentioned in #1. Not really a good idea on a Sunday afternoon. Especially not good to follow it up with a cup of coffee at 9pm. Because all that rest is negated if you don't fall asleep until 1am.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Our company just left...

They were here 5 days and 5 nights. I have so much to say about their visit, but I'm feeling a little whine-y and complain-y at the moment, so I'll refrain from sharing all that here. I'm choosing to be joyful right now (I have my house back--yay!), and will probably be glad later that I don't have to go back and delete this post.

I am so happy that it's Friday. I'm so happy that I don't even care that it's snowing...AGAIN! The kids didn't end up having school yesterday after all, and they have a 2-hour delay this morning. They're home with me for another hour this morning and they're all playing together nicely. I am very thankful. It's been a long week.

I'm SO looking forward to pizza and a movie tonight. It's our Friday night tradition. Anyone have a good movie recommendation? I'm going to stop by the video store later.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'll just hit the highlights...

This week has been busy. We have lots of stuff going on, and having company seems to exaggerate the busy-ness. Not only am I busy, I'm tired. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this weekend. We have absolutely nothing planned, except rest.

Here are some highlights from our week so far...

Ummm, more snow is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Seriously, this is just NOT fun anymore. We're supposed to get 4-8 inches, and we're under a winter storm watch. Ugh.

I'm usually excited about the chance for a snow day but my kids have some pretty big things going on at school tomorrow, and if we have a snow day, those events get canceled or rescheduled, and I really, really need them to happen tomorrow. So, I'm praying that we have school, and my kids are praying that we don't. Tonight, we're a conflicted household.

**No school closure this morning. I should be happy, but I keep watching them show cars sliding around on the ice that has coated the roads in our little town, and the promise of the storm intensifying, and now I'm really conflicted.

Moving right along...
John and I had a coffee date one morning this week before he went in to work. Except we had tea instead of coffee. We went to a new tea house that opened down the street, and can I just say that their chai latte was absolutely to die for! I believe the first words out of my mouth were, "Oh my goodness, that is the best chai I've EVER tasted, and from this moment on Starbucks is SO yesterday." Friends, it was that good. (Holly and Joanne--we need to meet there very soon!)

On a completely unrelated note...
Will's teacher had a baby a couple of months ago, and just recently returned to the classroom. I like his teacher (and her husband) very much...they're both adorable, and just so, so sweet. She asked me this week if I wanted to watch their baby one day next week because her babysitter had a conflict. Tough decision. I don't really consider myself a "baby" person, but I felt honored that she would ask, and I really didn't have anything scheduled for the day she needed help, so I said yes. It's been awhile since I've watched a baby...I'll keep ya posted.

And on another completely unrelated note...
Abbey invited four little friends to her birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Of the four girls that came, three of them gave her a Webkinz. I know it's a hugely popular toy, but we just haven't gotten into them. Probably because it means my kids need to be on the computer to play, and I don't want them in front of yet another screen. Because she got three of them though, we got Abbey set up and she's been playing a little bit each day. I, however, have been playing a lot. The Cash Cow game is so addictive. I cannot stop. And Abbey has 1000+ points to show for my efforts. I will not even tell you how long I sat and played that game this afternoon. It's shameful.

Still unrelated...
Our friends that are staying with us this week gave us a new game this afternoon--The Game of Life. We played it with them this evening, and had a blast. My kids loved that it was electronic (they love gadgets), and they caught on very quickly. I'm sure if we have a snow day tomorrow, we'll all play again. And we'll probably make some cookies and have a Harry Potter movie marathon. It does sound like a pretty great day, doesn't it?

Monday, April 07, 2008

*Fun* Question of the Week

I'm curious to know how many nights a week you cook dinner for your family.

Me? I usually cook all seven nights. And I've really started to enjoy it!

Snow, Snow, GO AWAY!

I'm just going to get my whining out of the way first thing. I'm sick of snow. It's cold and gray and it's snowing...again. About half of the days we've seen in April have brought some sort of wintry precipitation. And the forecast for the remainder of this week has a chance of rain/snow showers every day. We're still wearing sweaters and jackets and hats and gloves, and I'm SO ready for spring. We've had a few glimpses of it, but nothing that seems to last. Ugh.

We have some company in this week from Kentucky. One of Will's best little buddies, plus his mom and sister are staying with us this week. It's their spring break and I feel sorta sorry for them since we're having such lovely, snowy weather. So much for spring break, huh?

*I wrote this post earlier this afternoon. Since that time, it stopped snowing, the sun came back out and even though it's still cold, all the snow melted. Our monthly community newspaper came this afternoon. One of my favorite features in this paper is the monthly weather statistics page. We had a whopping 26.1 inches of snow in
M-A-R-C-H! See, you'd be tired of it too.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Homework 911

Have you seen this YouTube video that's been circulating on the world-wide-web for the last six months??

Yeah, well, we have our own personal homework hotline. Here's an excerpt from an email my 5th-grade son sent to his grandmother, a former math teacher, this week...

Dear Mimi,

This is my problem of the week. We're all stumped. Can you help?

Carmine and her sister are selling raffle tickets for the swim team at the local supermarket. Carmine notices that about one person out of every fifteen who walk by their table stops for more information. Of the people who stop, approximately two thirds of them buy a $2 ticket. At the end of two hours, Carmine finds that they have sold $88 worth of tickets. Approximately how many people walked by their table each hour?

Even my dad is lost on this one. If you don't know, that's o.k. Tell Papa he can help you. Thank you.


Will sent this email because his 5th grade mind couldn't wrap itself around the problem to be solved, and honestly, it made my head hurt so bad that I wanted to take two Tylenol PM and go to bed. It's 5th grade math for crying out loud!

Will has a POW (Problem of the Week) that he brings home every Monday. He has until Friday to turn it in, and this is not the first time that John and I have been stumped. To her credit, Will's teacher is not as interested in them getting the answer correct as she is in seeing their problem-solving strategy. In fact, she requires them to write a detailed explanation of how they approached the problem, and the steps involved in solving it. And believe me, there were many steps required to solve this one. Many steps that involved algebra. And justsoyouknow, I made my first and only "C" in algebra.

Will did a great job of tackling it, and once John and I knew the answer (thank you so much, Mimi!) we were able to point him in the right direction.

So...anyone out there bored enough to give the POW a go??? Or does it make your head hurt as much as it does mine?

Thursday, April 03, 2008


John walked in the door from work last evening with this...

A coconut cream pie from Village Inn.

Wasn't that SWEET of him??? He read my post yesterday and thought it would be a fun surprise. My kids were ecstatic because I'm the "sugar sheriff" and dessert is a rare treat 'round here.

It was pretty good. It definitely wasn't as good as my mom's. (Mom, I forgot to tell you that when I called this morning!) But it was good, especially after all that talk about pie yesterday.

Thanks, J! I love you!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pass the Pie Please

Over the last few weeks, I've loved hearing what kind of shampoo you use (by the way, the L'oreal is working out great), and what translation of the Bible you read from. I've loved it so much that I've decided I'm going to try to post a fun question each week until I run out of fun questions to ask.

So...for this week, I want to know what your most favorite pie is.

Mine? Well, that would have to be coconut cream. Yummmm-o! But who can stop at just one kind? Here are my top twenty five favorites!

1. Coconut Cream
2. Apple
3. Strawberry
4. Cherry
5. Lemon

Anyone else hungry now? I don't typically crave sweets, but I am craving some coconut-y goodness right-this-very-second.

Leave me a comment and share your favorite kind(s) of pie. You know you want to.