Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ketchup, with a side of iPhone photos

I haven't been blogging much but that doesn't mean we're not enjoying summer. In fact, we're enjoying it immensely. Here's a little of what we've been up to!

::Appointments, appointments, appointments! Doctor, dentist, vet, orthodontist, etc. We've known for awhile that Abbey was going to need some orthodontic intervention. We went for a consult last week and set up the first of her treatment appointments for the day after we return from vacation. Fun, fun, fun---cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching! (She looks a bit apprehensive, huh?)

::Lots of fro-yo. That's frozen yogurt for all you uncultured folks (get it? cultured? yogurt? I crack myself up). John and I are Pinkberry snobs but the kids have decided they like LuLu's almost as much. I think they really just like that they can add their own toppings at LuLu's. Well, that and the hula hoops! If you're local, you need to check BOTH of those places out and tell me which one you like better! 
I've cheated on my no-sugar restriction a few times...and all of those cheats have been with fro-yo. It didn't really affect how I felt, but I ate white flour last night for the first time in 7.5 weeks and felt pretty yuck. I think I'm going to try to eat gluten-free indefinitely.

::I like my new bi-focals and I really like how well I can see with them! I'd been warned that it can take up to three weeks to adjust to them but thankfully, I was fine after a few days. I wish I had NOT gotten the transition lenses though because I don't like how dark they get in the sun. I know that's the point, but I'm vain enough to not like how they look. Oh well. Live and learn.

:: New flooring! We ended up going with a wood laminate and we love it. LOVE it. The one we chose has a hand-scraped finish which seems to help disguise footprints and smudges. I also love the color and the alternating plank size. We're so pleased! 
:: Celebrating 21 years of marriage! Our anniversary was last week. John and I are going to Santa Fe in a couple of weeks (sans kiddos! yay!) so we decided to celebrate our actual anniversary with our kids. We went to one of our favorite places--Bella Panini--and had a really nice dinner with our three favorite people. The girls made this fun banner for us and hung it over our bed. Sweet.
::Other stuff that I don't have any lame pictures for?

Hanging out with friends

Grilling almost every night and dining al fresco! Colorado evenings are AMAZING.

Enjoying pics of our newest cousin! Annapearce surprised us all by making her debut several weeks early. We can't wait to meet her in a few weeks when we go to Arkansas.

Getting ready for a certain tween girl's conversion to TEENAGER. Sarah will be 13 on the 13th! She's excited about her big day and her excitement is contagious!


Emily said...

A few thoughts:
-Love your new flooring!
-I had no idea that Lulu has hula hoops. Are they just outside? My kids want to *try* to hula hoop every time we are at Target. I may or may not have showed them how it was done in the middle of Target... :)
-Love your glasses- very cute
And finally, Happy Anniversary! :)

Angie said...

In South Africa, when your age matches your birthdate - as in 13 on the 13th - it's called your Crown Birthday and you celebrate in a big way.

LOVE the glasses and the flooring!

Jennifer said...

Love your new floors!!! Yay for you! Also, the new glasses look wonderful on you. We've been loving fro yo here, too (too much so, I'm afraid!) My favorite local one is tied to the topping offerings, too. BUT while visiting CA last month, my heart was won over by the red velvet yogurt - oh my. Nothing will ever compare!

O Mom said...

yes, agreeing with Angie, that the age matching the date is an important birthday, we call it a golden birthday and usually give something extra pressure there Mom..haha!
Love the flooring, good choice!

Gretchen said...

Your floors are gorgeous!

Happy anniversary! I think you should celebrate by posting a wedding photo. (sly grin)

I think your new glasses are fab!

Cristina said...

Happy annivesary! Your specs are so cute! The flooring is amazing. We are gelato snobs...haven't jumped on froyo yet. :-) Yep, that about covers it!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Perhaps your eye doctor will allow you to swap out the transitions lenses. When I got my no-line bifocals, I thought I wanted transitions, too, but it only took me a day or two to realize that I did NOT like how dark they got (even inside, they were just dark enough that I couldn't quite see as well as I would have liked). I went back to my eye doctor who said that I was still within the "trial period" and sent them back to be swapped out with regular no-line bifocals.

SZM said...

Love the new flooring! Happy anniversary, Meredith ;-)

Lisa said...

I love your floors and you will be very happy with the laminate. Our dog's nails don't scratch it at all. When we had wood at our old house, his nails left little marks in it all over. Your new glasses look great.

SandyM said...

1. Happy Anniversary!
2. The floors are beautiful!
3.NEAM will be joining the "glasses" group before too much longer...
4. Seriously, REAL elephants in your parade??!!!
5. I've worn "no-line bifocals" for several years (w/very little in the top). But I knew my prescription needed to be changed & when I went in a couple of months ago, it had changed drastically. Because I have cataracts beginning to form! Now that is something I think of in "old" people... not me! I got new glasses, but before my 30 day period was up, I took them back & will be trying a new pair this weekend when I pick them up. Yours are cute on you!
5. I too LOVE July 4th & all the patriotic stuff (plus I'm known to absolutely LOVE fireworks!)
6. I really would like to try the no sugar.... said...

I also gave in to bi-focals recently. I tried the no-lines but just couldn't get used to the feel of them so I gave up and got the LINE BI-FOCALS!! Talk about feeling old! Ha!
We recently re-floored our living/dining in Anderson laminate..I think the color is Cognac Oak and it is that hand-planked look. I was so apprehensive about it...but I LOVE IT.
I'm glad you are happy with your flooring, your glasses and all your summer plans.
I'm loving summer and having my college girl home. :)

John said...

Your glasses make you look fancy...

jen medeiros said...

Hi Mer,

I like your new glasses...very cute my friend!!

Your new flooring is beautiful....I would like to do that in our home. We have laminate in the kitchen and entry and the carpet really needs to be pulled....with is so hard to keep clean...ugh.

Blogging from the phone is easy...just go to app store and type in will show you step by step. Fun for the road.

Happy anniversary!!


Ali said...

Love the new floors! They look incredible! :)

Glad you got to celebrate your anniversary with your 3 fav people! I bet you can't wait for your trip! :)

Love your new glasses!

I'd love for you to explain your new eating plan! So curious! Might even try...but, not sure if I could be as disciplined as you..but, I do think I'm over dependent on sugar and its not healthy for me. Can you explain more what you do eat!?! And go into more detail on how much better you feel! I know my laxy american diet is not good. Just don't know how to go about changing it!

So fun that your daughter will soon be 13!

I think you look so young! Do people ever wonder if John is your Dad! Not that he looks old just that you look so young!

Sounds like you all are having a terrific summer!

~ Ali

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

(Ali's comment just made me laugh)

(You'll probably have to go look it up since this is a bit after the fact, huh?)

Your glasses are cute! But whoa! Your hair is long! You're a babe, Mer. ;)