Monday, December 12, 2011

Things I learned over the weekend...

1. Your keyless remote will NOT work if you're pointing it at the wrong car. Yep. A true senior moment. Go ahead, laugh. I did too.

2. I don't need to watch the entire Broncos game. I can tune in for the fourth quarter and catch all the excitement. Side note: I haven't really been much of a Tebow fan...until now. I'm a believer!

3. Lunar eclipses are worth getting up for. In the past I've just kinda been "eh" when I've heard one was happening. I got up early to walk with my neighbors on Saturday and to our surprise and delight we got to see the eclipse from start to finish while we were walking. It was AMAZING! Did you see it?

4. If you accidentally rip an entire toenail off it will hurt. It will hurt a LOT.

5. These enchiladas are fantastic. I usually prefer to eat enchiladas at a mexican joint because I can't ever get the taste quite right at home. Not anymore. This recipe is a game changer.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

We were too far east to see any of the eclipse. :-(

My toes hurt just reading about ripping an entire toenail off. OUCH!

Stephanie said...

Remotes also don't open the house door. Ask me how I know that. : ) I'm printing that enchilada recipe and trying it. yum!

SZM said...

1. Ha!
2. meh.
3. lovely!
4. Ouch!
5. Yum!

Gretchen said...

1. I love your sense of humor (and realness!)
2. Yep, I'm impressed with Tebow, too!
3. Wow. Wish I had seen it.
4. Owie!
5. Sounds delish!

Merry merry!!!

Kecia said...

I actually got in the wrong car and sat down, wondering why Mike wasn't getting in next to me.
Granted, we were driving a rental, but still--I was thankful the car's owners who were watching from the front of the restaurant had a sense of humor!

His Girl said...

mmmmmmm enchiladas! mmmmm

SandyM. said...

1. I did that when I was MUCH younger... so don't blame it on age.
2. SO proud of Tim!
3. I saw an eclipse once... nice but I'm not an AM person.
4. Oooh, so sorry.
5. I used to make enchiladas regularly & haven't for a long time. Need to get that recipe out! Or try yours...
Hope you & your family have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

Stephanie Kay said...

Hi! It's been a while! I'm visiting blogs while my family plays wii. :) I'm not much of an enchilada person. I tend to like tacos instead. Can you believe we spent a whole week in Texas this month and didn't eat Mexican food even once?! It was shameful, really. Merry Christmas!