Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I almost titled this post "First List of the New Year" but caught myself because this is January 4 and I've already made half a dozen lists since the year began. If you're listy like me you just can't help yourself!

1. On Monday I took Abbey to the orthodontist. On Tuesday I took all three of my children to the dentist. And today I'm taking Abbey back to the dentist to have a small procedure. She keeps letting me know in no small voice that having three dental appointments in three days is torture and deserves some kind of reward. I sort of agree with her but trust me, her reward will NOT be something sugary that might necessitate a fourth dental visit!

2. John went back to work today. Bah-humbug. I like it best when we're all home but I am very grateful for the time he was able to spend with us. Also thankful for his job and the dental insurance it provides! 

3. I'm having trouble remembering what day it actually is because they're all running together in my head. Ahhh...the uncomplicated days of holiday break! I'm going to be in for a rude awakening next week! We all are.

4. Only two more days until the Cotton Bowl. I've only watched one other bowl game this year. I really lose interest in post season college football unless I have a vested interest in a specific team. NFL football is another story though. I like it much better as a whole. By the way, I won THIRD place in my fantasy league this year and was pretty pleased with that finish.

5. I'm outrageously late to the Words With Friends party but I've been playing for the past week and I'm officially hooked. And officially mediocre. I'm just gonna throw it out there that one goal I have for 2012 is to beat my friend, Jen, at least once. She's won every game we've played and it's bringing out the ugly competitor in me.

6. Another lofty goal I have for 2012 is to teach my children to appreciate the non-chain restaurant. We went to Denver on Monday afternoon and when it came time to choose a place for dinner our family was divided against itself. John and I eventually used our veto power to override the kids' unoriginal chain choices and we ended up finding a fabulous Mexican dive that has the potential to become our new favorite. Score one for live! live! live!

7. Just ripped this photo from Moriah's blog! She was in town last week and we met for lunch. We've been blog friends for a LONG time and it's always fun to get to see her when she comes to Colorado to see her family. I think her kids loved the snow!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I'm glad you said that about the makeup because I've been wondering! I almost texted you that night when we were back at PF Chang's haha. :)

Soo fun, glad I have a friend when I'm in town :)

My kids already go back tomorrow - can't believe you get the whole week off! Nice!!

*carrie* said...

I have no idea what Words With Friends is?!

You look super cute in your red hat!

O Mom said...

my kids went back to school this week and it yes, it was a very rude awakening!
Such a cute picture of you, love the reds with your vest!

Betsy said...

You look so cute in your hat!! And I am officially hooked on Words With Friends, too. Look me up! And, as for chain restaurants, no thanks! We always try to eat locally if we can. Sooo much better.

Happy 2012 Meredith! :)

Anonymous said...

Our family rule is no chain restaurants while on vacation. (or at least nothing they have in our town.) We have discovered some pretty wonderful places -- along with some not-so-wonderful. It is always an adventure.

Angela said...

A.) I almost cried when Matt went back to work.

B.) I LOVE that hat you're sporting.

C.) Woo hoo for the Cotton Bowl! Go Hogs!

Stephanie Kay said...

Beautiful picture. LOVE the hat. I don't know what Words with Friends is either. And last but not least, WHOOOOOOOOO PIG SOUIE RAZORBACKS!!!!

Kecia said...

Isn't it funny, I love NCAA and have zero interest in NFL. Ever since Jerry fired Jimmy.
I'm even going to watch LSU/Bama tomorrow night without Mike.
And wooooooo pig soooie! Wasn't that fun?!