Saturday, April 14, 2012

Impromptu date night

It was a long, hard week around the Lifeat7000Feet casa and we were all grateful when Friday afternoon rolled around. I was thrilled when John told me not to worry about dinner--that we'd go out. We don't eat out a lot but if I had to pick a night when I most welcome the break from cooking, it's Friday.

When John got home from work and it came time to decide where to go, none of our children wanted to leave the house. That's probably because two of the three had already changed into their pjs. They definitely inherited our homebody genes. Eventually they decided they'd like food food from various places with drive-thru windows which is not what John or I had in mind at all, so I suggested we make a run for the border by way of the golden arches, drive back home and drop the sustenance off for the starving children in our home, and then he and I go and dine somewhere alone. Win-win! We've entered a season in which our children are old enough to be left at home alone when we need to sneak away for dinner or meetings or errands, and let me tell you it's a beautiful season!

We ended up at a local mexican place where we had uninterrupted conversation over chips and salsa and enchiladas. I love time alone with my husband and it was the perfect end to a really long and hard week. When the check came, we laughed so stinkin' hard because the type on the receipt was so small that NEITHER of us could read it. John was holding it about two feet away from his face and squinting and I was laughing so that I was crying...which made it even harder when he handed it to me to decipher. I'd left my bi-focals at home, dang-it, but I sure hope we read that amount right and left our server enough tip!

I decided last night that we are growing old. Old enough to have kids who can babysit themselves. Old enough for us to both need bi-focals. And old enough to come home from dinner and need a pre-bedtime nap.

Happy Saturday, y'all!

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