Monday, May 14, 2012

My weekend-o-sloth and other thoughts on self-care

Hello's been awhile.

Blogging has been on my to-do list for weeks now, but it's the first thing to get bumped when I feel overwhelmed and honestly, the pace of life has been pretty overwhelming lately. If you know me, you know I dislike being busy. I dislike it very much. Interestingly I've found that as the school year winds down, activity winds UP. It's nearly impossible to avoid busyness this time of year.

Like many of you, I've been going pretty much non-stop for the last several weeks. On top of that my mom was here visiting (more on that in another post) and I don't know about you but when I have company I feel like I have to be "on", even if it's someone I'm comfortable around like my mom. I was talking to John last Thursday afternoon and had a little epiphany about caring for myself. I've been missing my hikes with friends and some other things I love and I guess I was kind of whining about it all. John looked straight at me and said, "Mer, the only person who can care for you is YOU." I nodded emphatically and started making a plan to restore some of my joy and energy this week.

Thanks to a wet and cold forecast, the Young Life garage sale that we were supposed to help with over the weekend was postponed. I may or may not have cried tears of grateful relief when I learned of the decision. That postponement allowed me to experience the most delightful weekend of rest I've had in a looooong time. I dubbed it the weekend-o-sloth because I pretty much stayed in my pjs all weekend while doing a whole lot of nothing. I told John that all I wanted for Mother's Day was to veg on the couch. Not only did I get one day like that but I got two and it was amazing. I napped, read, watched television, and re-watched Downton Abbey with my girls. By Sunday afternoon I was feeling like myself again and to my great surprise, I wasn't completely wiped out and ready for bed by 8pm.

Rest. It does a weary body good.

I also cancelled a few activities for this week, dropped one recurring commitment that I just cannot keep any longer, and scheduled some time to hike. Being outside energizes me. I need and crave that time and like John said, if I don't make it happen it probably won't, especially during busy seasons of life. I got together with some friends today and have plans with two other dear friends later this week. Sure, there's still lots of activity and commitments but at least there's also some fun in the mix--some great things to look forward to! That's so important for my mental outlook.

The kids have school this week and next until summer begins (I think I can, I think I can!) and I am looking forward to a relaxing summer but until then, I'm reminded that during seasons of utter crazyness, I MUST take time to nurture my heart and to not feel guilty about it. It's a simple lesson with such great reward.

What about you? How do you care for your self? Have any other great thoughts on self-care that are too good to keep to yourself?


Elizabeth said...

You read my mind.

Rest is so hard to find lately, and when I do, it's never enough. I thought having little ones was exhausting, but it's the big kids that are wearing me out these days!

I don't always care for myself well. But having quiet, alone time to read is the best thing I can do to feel refreshed. I'd hike if I had a mountain! I love reading about your love of the mountains-me too!

TJP said...

It's almost weird how parallel our lives so many ways. Do you listen to your music loud in the car too? ;o)

Unknown said...

I feel like you are my lost twin (except for the southern part). (And the altitude part).

I took off the entire month of May from all commitments outside of church ones, even such friendly things as hangouts. I, like you, can't help but being "on" around people no matter how close (with the exception of my husband).

Sometimes I think I don't realize just how much alone time I need because I'm so gregarious. It fools me into thinking I'm a people person.

Ali said...

This post is AWESOME! I'm totally worn out and run down! Running on empty! I need a weekend of sloth but, I have a high energy husband and kids and feel weak that I want REST!

Thanks for this post! Its so true the end of the year is crazy busy. Your posts gave me a lot to think about!

~ Ali

Gretchen said...

Lurve. My husband speaks truth to me, as well, just when i need it. I tend to orbit waay out there, and it's nice to be tethered back to home base. Our summer has been miserably rainy--how i wish i could send it to CO. So, while I kvetch and moan to some degree, I'm giving in: snuggling under a blanket, lighting candles, drinking coffee into the day. It works.