Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Happy Happy!

We had the BEST family day yesterday. I love 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver. We spent most of yesterday down there--shopping, eating, and just enjoying the sights and sounds. Here are a few happy pictures from our day!
 My four favorite people!
 Our traditional "it's almost Christmas" dinner.

 The Pinkberry in Colorado Springs closed this fall (BOO!!!) so we stopped in before heading home and had some of our favorite fro-yo for dessert.
 Downtown Denver is beautiful at Christmas time.
I don't remember there being an outdoor ice-rink last year. I wanted to skate so badly but no one else in my family was up for it so we watched for awhile instead. It looked like so much fun!

Other things that made me happy yesterday:

1. John made us all take a pledge in the parking lot that no one was allowed to go to "Grumpy-town" while we were there. And NO ONE DID. Everyone was in a great mood all day long. Love that. 

2. I found a cute sweater for SEVEN American dollars at H&M. That's a fun store--full of great bargains. Every time I'm there I think to myself that I want to come back some day while alone and take my time shopping. Maybe one of these days I'll remember that when I have some extra time on my hands. 

3. Perfect weather! It wasn't too cold yet it felt like December should feel. 

4. Late last night I found the girls watching television together. I asked them what they were watching and they smiled and said, "Guess?" I figured it was something on Disney and offered a few guesses but it turns out they were watching a Duck Dynasty marathon. That made me laugh out loud and of course, it made me happy, happy, happy because I can't get enough of the Robertson family these days. 

Today has been full of errands and grocery shopping. I am 100% finished with my Christmas shopping! John braved Costco for me--I avoid it at all costs on Saturdays and the thought of going on the Saturday before Christmas was completely overwhelming. He's a good man. 

Alrighty. I need to get off of the computer and give my house a bit of attention before getting ready for a fun Christmas party tonight! I am hoping to blog a little more regularly over our break--for the moment things seem relatively calm and leisurely. I could get used to calm and leisurely! Happy Saturday everyone!


Tracey said...

SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL TIME! I love the no "grumpy town" rule too.

Emily said...

Awesome! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Emily said...

PS LOVE Duck Dynasty!