Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Five

1. It's amazing how much better nine hours of (glorious) sleep can make a person feel! I've been in overdrive this week getting ready for a big fundraiser on Monday and it all finally caught up with me last night. I took two Tylenol PM and went to bed at 8:30pm and for the first time in ages I slept until my alarm woke me up. Never underestimate the power of sleep! I'm refreshed and ready for another full day.

2. Last night John and I got to meet an author that we both admire. Kent Haruf is a Colorado native and  his books Plainsong and Eventide are two of my very favorites. Our local bookstore hosted him for an author reading and book signing event and it was wonderful. It was a very smallish and quaint affair and Mr. Haruf was charming as he spoke to an audience of about thirty-five folks about characters in the fictional town of Holt, Colorado. His newest book, Benediction, is the one he read from last night. John devoured it and our newly autographed copy is the first on my list for summer reading.

3. After the book signing, John and I walked down the street to our local mexican place and caught up with each other over dinner. I haven't been the easiest person to live with lately because I've been busy and distracted (and you could also insert crabby, impatient, short-tempered) so I was desperate for us to spend some time alone together. There's just something about sitting on a restaurant patio with a basket of chips and salsa between you on a perfect evening in May that makes all things right again. 

4. This time next week it will be SUMMER VACATION! School gets out next Thursday and I am so so so so so so so so so happy. Excited for a much slower pace and MUCH less time spent in the car shuttling kids everywhere!!!!

5. Happy Friday!!! I am hoping for a low-key weekend with a few naps and some fun and some time outdoors mixed in. What are YOU looking forward to?

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Gretchen said...

I've missed you so, lately, and I tend to see John's posts on FB, so I invited myself over for a spell, and enjoyed catching up. Grateful for your end of school year! Only about 6 weeks till your favorite holiday. Maybe you'd like to spend it in Seattle. ;)