Tuesday, May 06, 2014

SMP 5.6.14

SMP = Seven Minute (Random) Post

Good morning, blog friends. Can you believe it's MAY already? May is nuts around here. So much going on before the end of the school year. We have 2.5 weeks (or exactly 13 school days) left and all of my kids are counting down along with their mother.

Would anyone like a beagle? He's free to a good home. I'm kidding (sort of) but in the past three minutes I've gotten up three times to 1) shoo him out of the bathroom where he'd knocked over the trash can to dig through the trash 2) shoo him out of the kitchen where he was trying to pull breakfast dishes off the counter 3) shoo him out of the other bathroom where he was repeating the same trash can ritual. Oh. My. Gosh. It's reminiscent of the toddler years...

We have an aspen tree in our backyard that I've named "Lazarus". It appeared to be dead last spring/summer/fall. No leaves. No buds. No nothing. Two days ago, John pointed out the buds on it. Today there are green leaves. Huh? Do aspens go dormant for a year? Or is Lazarus an appropriate name? I'm just grateful it's showing signs of life.

Last week I was creeping on my kids' Instagram accounts. My kids know I do this; it's part of our deal with Instagram. As part of my "creeping" I clicked on one of their friend's accounts and saw a picture of one of my kids making an inappropriate gesture with their middle finger. I was horrified. I told John about it and we came up with a game plan for talking to said child upon their return home from school. I decided I should probably show John the picture so I pulled it up and said (after all of our discussion and disappointment), "Hey, you know what? I don't think this is really our kid in the picture." He just looked at me blankly so I handed him my phone. You know what? We got all worked up for NOTHING. It was NOT our child flipping the bird after all. Moral of the story? Momma needs to wear her glasses all the time and not jump to conclusions. I told all of our kids at dinner that night what I'd done and it prompted some good discussion. And some laughter too.

Happy Tuesday!


Miss G said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!! So funny!!! I love it! Kelly

sara said...

that is SO funny!! But I am very glad you caught that BEFORE you talked with said kid!!