Sunday, June 08, 2014

Catch-Up List

I feel like the only way I can semi-catch up here on the blog is by making a list of what we've been up to. So here we go.

1. We have two weeks of summer under our belt. All of my kids finished up on May 22 and the slower pace of summer has been amazing. No daily schedule? I'll take it. Actually, I still have a bit of a work schedule to follow but my kids? They are gloriously free from the calendar and clock. I love the rhythm of summer. I'm looking forward to a couple more months of this slower, relaxed pace.
Above: Went to lunch with this group of Abbey's friends after their 6th grade continuation ceremony. They were giddy about being out of school. 
Below: Froyo to celebrate the end of school! I'm missing a kiddo in this picture; Will was out with friends.

2. I celebrated my birthday a week or so ago. It was number forty-four. I had the BEST day--actually the best week--and felt loved and celebrated. On my birthday, I was reflecting about where I am in life right now. I'm in a really good place. I've intentionally stepped away from some unhealthy people/things over the past few years (but specifically THIS year) and the people and things that remain in my life just feel right. I'm tempted to be sad that it took me forty-four years to get to this place but instead I choose to be grateful for all the twisty paths God led me down to bring me to where I am today. I'm much wiser for it.

3. The last week in May was a doozy. I had a minor fender-bender in the elementary school parking lot one morning when a dad rear-ended my vehicle in the drop off line. Ugh. A few days later my washer AND dryer both died, followed promptly by the death of our garage door. Ch-ching. Things are looking up though. My vehicle was repaired last week and my new washer and dryer are great and being put to daily use. I've heard bad things happen in three's. Since that was FOUR, I'm hoping I'm off the hook for awhile.
You can't really see the damage--and thank goodness it wasn't too much--but part of my bumper and some trim was damaged as well as lots of scratches. It looks brand new now!

4. We took Will to Crooked Creek Ranch (a Young Life camp) last week where he'll be serving on work crew for most of June. He worked there last year as well but has a different job this summer. I haven't talked to him since we dropped him off nine days ago (they surrender their cell phones) but he called one afternoon while I was out and talked to John. He's doing well and really enjoying it this year. I'm pretty proud of him.

So grateful for this place and the role it has played in my son's life. 

5. While I was getting Will ready for camp, I started digging through/cleaning out closets and decided to have a garage sale. I'm really not a big garage sale girl--too much work for too little moolah--but we had a ton of good stuff and John said he'd help me so we scheduled it. It went off without a hitch and we made a decent amount so it was all worth it in the end.

6. I didn't really have time to paint the girls' room this week but they'd been begging me for awhile and I actually bought the paint LAST YEAR and never gotten to it, so we tackled it together. Key word: together. They went with a light purple. It looks really good, now we just need to find some new bedding. Decorating is not really my strong suit--searching for bedding, accents, and actually pulling a room together feels like climbing Everest to me.
She wanted to use the little roller...until she realized how much harder it was. 

7. Speaking of climbing mountains. I hiked one of my favorite peaks yesterday with two friends. Eagle Peak is on the US Air Force property and is a hard, steep climb that rewards you with stunning panoramic views at the top. It was so cloudy here yesterday that once we were at the top we couldn't see much at all. Clouds obscured the entire USAFA property AND Pikes Peak. This is the best photo I took in between a small break in the clouds. It was pretty cool to be above the clouds but I felt bad for my friend who had never done this hike. We kept telling her about the awesome views at the top...and then nada.

8. Abbey went camping with a friend this weekend. She loves to go camping with this family because according to Abbey, "They camp a LOT differently than we do, Mom. They don't rough it in any way." It's true. We're tent campers and usually pick remote sites and bring in all of our own water and use the bathroom in the woods. The family that Abbey is with has a huge camper with all the amenities. They camp at sites with swimming pools, paddle boats, drive-in movies, bingo and more. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get that girl in a tent again. Ha ha.

9. Since Abbey and Will are both gone right now, that left Sarah as an "only child" this weekend. She has thoroughly enjoyed that, as have John and I. We took her out to eat last night (Chipotle--her choice) and took her shopping (her favorite thing). She and seven friends went to see the premiere of The Fault In Our Stars last Thursday night. They all met over here and John drove them to the movie. There was LOTS of giggling and teen girl chatter...and I loved it. She is blessed with some sweet friends and I love seeing them all together like that.

10. I think I've hit the highlights of the past few weeks...
I love blogging but sometimes time just gets away from me. I'm hoping to settle into MY summer pace in a couple of weeks. It just seems like it's been non-stop for me lately...
Peace out, peeps!


Lisa-Marie said...

Sounds like you've been busy!

Elizabeth said...

So fun-I love these catch up posts. I kind of giggled that you don't drive a mini-van. Hope the girls enjoyed TFIOS. We loved it, but I don't think I've ever cried so much in a movie theater!