Sunday, October 11, 2015


I know, I know. It's been AGES since I've blogged.
I really needed to take a step back and just enjoy my family and my downtime. Will left for college in August and I wanted to savor every moment of the time he was with us at home.

Here's a super-quick family update:
Will's first semester is going great--we are so happy that he is having a wonderful time AND making good grades.

Sarah is a senior this year and crazy busy with school and extra-curricular activities. She handles all of the stress with grace. I think I need to take lessons from her!

Abbey started her last year of middle school. Crazy! This time next year she will be the only child at home with us. That's going to be an adjustment for all of us.

John is doing great and is finishing up some big editing projects and ready to enjoy a bit of downtime. I started back to school in September. I'm working towards certification in Nutrition Therapy (it's holistic nutrition) and it's challenging but I'm enjoying it because it really is my passion.

My "Currents" posts seem to be the easiest way to jump back into this blogging thing so here we go...

Current Read: My two Anatomy & Physiology textbooks. I'm learning so much but I miss having free time on weekends. Sigh.

Current Playlist: I have a worship playlist I listen to but mainly, I'm a podcast girl these days.

Current Color(s): Navy. Brown. Deep red. Those are the things I find myself wearing the most.

Current Food: Hello Fresh and Door to Door Organics have been bringing delicious food to my door lately. I'm hooked. I've had coupons for both--otherwise it's quite the investment--but it's so nice to not have to spend time shopping. I have coupon codes for both services so if you'd like to try one of them (or both) leave me a comment and include your email address so I can send you the promo code.

Current Favorite Favorite: This facial scrub + the Leaves candle from Bath & Body Works + Facetime (for chatting with Will-who-is-far-far-away) + this Dallas Cowboys cap I bought a few weeks ago at the DFW airport.

Current Addiction: Football--when I can justify watching it! My weekends are often filled with studying so it's definitely a guilty pleasure these days.

Current Wish List: This bag. My aunt has one and it is so cute! Plus there are just times that you need a small bag instead of a giant purse, ya know?

Current Need: To make a grocery store list and a Costco list and then go buy groceries. Actually I made a deal with John. I'll make the lists and he will shop for me. Shhhh, don't tell him he got the short end of the stick.

Current Randomness: I haven't had a single piece candy corn this fall. Nor have I had a pumpkin spice latte. I love both of those things I just haven't had the chance (or the desire) to buy either.

Current Triumph: I have been able to balance my work + school + family schedule pretty well. I block my Fridays off for hiking because I NEED that time so much. I'm six weeks in and have really been able to keep things feeling sane. Triumph!

Current Annoyance: 

Current Blessing: My huddle--a small group of ladies from my church that I meet with regularly. I was hesitant to add "one more thing" to my schedule this fall but honestly, I felt like I was supposed to join this group and it's already proving to be a huge blessing.

Current Mood: A little bit grumpy. I'm fighting allergies/cold and I do not have time to succumb to this. I'm drinking Emergen-C and fluids and trying to give my body every advantage in fighting it.

Current Excitement: John and I are getting away alone for a couple of nights soon--SO excited.

Current Project: I want to put together a 5-Day "Clean" Soup Menu plan. When I say "clean" I mean no artificial/processed ingredients and made mostly lean meats and veggies. If you want to be on the list for this, let me know in the comments!

Current Plans For The Day: Church, study, clean house, catch up on laundry, hopefully watch some football and sneak in a nap. Oh, and get my front porch ready for fall. I've got a lot to squeeze in today so adios, friends!


Holly Smith said...

I'd love the menu and recipes, Mer! So great to hear your voice again. I nearly texted last week to ask you to blog soon, but held back, since I know you have many more important things to do. But it is good to hear from you again! Love and prayers, Holly

Mona said...

I've missed your blog posts! So good to hear from you again.

Deena said...

Please add me to your clean eating list.

Thanks! Deena

Kelly S said...

welcome back....I missed your blogging.

I'm IN LOVE with that face wash. I got a small size in my Ipsy bag last month and AM IN LOVE. I immediately ordered a full-size product, and then SAW IT AT TARGET. FYI. Love it with my whole heart. I notice a HUGE difference when I use it.

*carrie* said...

I was just wondering the other day how you were, and how Will was liking college! Glad to hear some updates.

Are you going to school in CS or on-line? That's awesome!

Miss Lola said...

I'd love your list!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back!! I've missed your blog posts! I would love to be added to the list of "Soup-er" recipes!! :)

Stephanie said...

I'd love your soups! I'm working on getting sugar out of my diet for the most part and watching my gluten intake and I think it's been good for me, but I'm always up for soup recipes. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Miss Lola, can you send me your email so I can add send you the recipes?

Donna said...

I would love your recipes also. Found your blog when my son was at Fort Carson, and I've missed seeing your hikes this past summer. Welcome back!

Carol Lee said...

Hi Mer!! Send me your coupon codes your list and anything else you got:) I've been eating so clean for the last 10 days while in Koh Samui Thailand at spa that I want to keep it going as much as possible!! Would love to hug your neck right now.