Monday, April 10, 2006

It has been beautiful here for the last several days! And, we've spent much of the last two days outside. This morning Abbey and I ran lots of errands, and I stopped by McDonalds to get her a Happy Meal for lunch. I thought she might want to take it to the park (her FAVORITE place) and have a little picnic with me since the weather was so nice. Nope, she wanted to go inside and eat it in the play area. Probably because I always say no to that. Today, though, I said yes, and we had a fun time together and then played outside when we got home.

Will just started running track. He and Sarah both ran last fall (cross-country) but only Will wanted to run this spring. Last fall, they both had to run a mile at their meets. During one of Sarah's races, she got pretty tired towards the end, and with her typical dramatic flair, Sarah flung her arms back and LAID DOWN on the track for a little rest. Yep, that's our Sarah. She got back up after a couple of minutes and finished strong. She is quite the little actress and keeps us laughing. She came home last week with the proofs from her school pictures. She told me that even though I forgot it was school picture day, she still looked fabulous because she wore her poncho. She's definitely not lacking in self-esteem, huh? We're really proud of her--dramatics and all.

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