Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Long Time...

Wow...I just logged on to check my email and to post here. I didn't realize my last post was a week ago! Time certainly flies when you're having fun...and it certainly seems to fly on the day after we've set our clocks forward an hour! I can't believe it's already 3pm!

We had a really fun time with John's parent's last week. They enjoyed being with the kids, and the kids loved having them here. (We did too!) Abbey was funny yesterday morning when I was admiring the toenail polish that Mimi put on for her. She told me that she didn't like to look at her toes because it made her think of Mimi and that made her too sad. Cute, huh? Mimi and Papa kept us on the go the entire time! I guess we were so busy trying to make the most of every minute they were here. John and I decided after they left that we have a lot of "sloth" in us. We like to take it easy and we always manage to find time in our day to rest. One of our neighbors is a busy guy. He always has some project going. One day last summer, I was commenting to John about his latest undertaking and John asked if I wished he was more like our neighbor. I replied, "Absolutely not. If you were that busy all the time, I'd feel too guilty for wanting to sit around. I like that you want to sit with me!" Yeah, we both have a lot of sloth in us. And we're not ready to give that up.

John preached at our church this morning. He did a great job. I think I said this after he preached a couple of months ago, but it just makes me realize that preaching/teaching isn't completely written out of our future. We don't have any idea what this might look like, but we both sense that it's a part of our future. If you care to listen to his message, visit our church's website (on the right sidebar of this page--International Anglican Church) and click on sermons. You can download and listen. It may take a few days for his sermon to be available though, so if it's not there, check back in a day or so.

One afternoon while John's parents were here, they let us go out for a date. It's been a very long time since we've done that. We went to downtown Colorado Springs and walked around all the cool shops. We ate some amazing Mexican food, and then we saw a movie called the Three Burials of Melchiades Estrada (or something very similar to that!). It was a really good movie. It's an independent film so it's not on at every major theater, but if it is on close to you, I'd recommend it. It was a really neat story of redemption. Tommy Lee Jones directed and stars in it. We like him a lot and thought he did an excellent job with this film. to enjoy the rest of this day and get ready for things to start-up again tomorrow. I will say that I haven't missed packing lunches or spelling homework or the rushing out the door this week. But...all good things must come to an end. And we only have 7.5 more weeks of that before summer vacation! Can't wait.

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