Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LOTS and LOTS going on around here!

There is just so much stuff going on around here that I can barely keep up with it all, much less post about it.

We've all been a little on the sick side lately. Mostly just colds and allergies, but last week Abbey had strep, and John has some sort of stomach bug right now. Really yuck. I'm so ready for everyone to be healthy again!

One of our good friends from Arkadelphia is in Denver this week and we got to have dinner with him last night. It is always such a treat for us when old friends are out this way and we're able to get together and visit. It is very very good for our hearts!

Cool story: Last month when we were in San Diego, Sarah called us on our way to dinner one night and was telling us that her teacher was in a small group at her church and her group had just started a new Bible study. The study was called "Living the Questions" and it dawned on her mid-way through the intro session that Sarah's dad WROTE the study. She was excited to tell Sarah about it and Sarah was excited to relay the info on to us. Neat, huh???

We're enjoying some amazing spring-like weather this week. I only hope it will last. Snow is in the forecast. John and I went on a date last weekend and it rained the entire time we were in Colorado Springs. That kind of rain is pretty unusual around here; we get showers, but not long, soaking rains. In our little town just north of the Springs, we got snow instead of rain. We were laughing as we drove back into town and saw cars covered in powdery white stuff. Even though this is our 4th spring to live here, it just still seems incongruent for snow and March to be in the same sentence. Oh well!

John is working on a pretty big book deal right now and it looks like a celebration will be in order. It's a cool deal and he will get to be the editor on the project which is nothing short of amazing. I'll post more when things are a little more final! John is up to preach again on April 1, Palm Sunday. He enjoys it when he gets the opportunity and I love getting to hear him.

Oh, how could I forget?? Two more days until two big birthdays at our house. Abbey turns FIVE on March 22, and John turns 40 on the same day!!! We're gearing up for a big celebration. Abbey keeps telling me she's going to have LOTS of sugary stuff to eat that day and she's got her party all planned out. It should be a really fun day and I have a feeling we'll be celebrating through the weekend!

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