Thursday, March 01, 2007

March is here!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted. Where does the time go? I flipped my calendar over this morning and was amazed at what a blur February was. I know it is the shortest month of the year, but it seems like it just FLEW by.

Here's some of our February highlights:

We celebrated Will's 10th birthday. He chose to have a rock-climbing party at our local indoor sports center. He and 5 other boys donned harnesses and did some indoor rock-climbing. Will is a natural. It was very fun to watch them and even made me want to give it a try sometime. Will is a great kid--ultra responsible, smart, and handsome. He got a BIG, red, candy-filled heart from a secret admirer on Valentines Day. His mother is dying to know which adorable 4th grade girl gave it to him, but he doesn't seem too curious.

My mom got to be here for Will's birthday. In fact, she spent two weeks with us! Part of the time she was here, John and I were in San Diego. I've been wanting to go to California for such a long time and John's company was sending him to the National Pastors Conference to meet/recruit authors. He asked if I could tag along and so I did. I LOVED California. How nice and sunny and warm it was compared to our cold, snowy state. I keep telling John that the further west he takes me, the more I love it. But don't worry...I don't want to move to California. It was very refreshing to see all that green grass, flowers blooming, and the ocean. The highlight of my trip was going on a whale-watching tour. California grey whales migrate this time of year from the Artic Ocean down to the warm coastal waters of Baja, Mexico. I went out on a 4-hour tour and saw LOTS of whales. So, so cool. I'd never seen whales before and they were literally right in front of our ship. The ship photographer befriended me (I was solo on this adventure) and invited me up to a prime viewing spot on the ship! He even gave me a photo cd with some of his best whale photos on it. VERY COOL. This guy moonlights as a paparrazzi photographer so we had a very interesting conversation about that. He has recently photographed, "Paris, Brittney, those kinds of stars, you know". Funny!

I'm the yearbook coordinator at our kids' school and February was crunch time for me. I'm happy to say that we are 98% finished and the book is going to look great. It has kept me extremely busy this month, but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Yea! All that stress and work though compromised my immune system and I ended up getting a yucky cold. It has cycled through our home, with all but John having caught it. Sarah missed 3 school days and is actually still not herself. The kids are out of school today and tomorrow for teacher conferences. I'm thankful that they'll have a 4-day weekend to rest and recover.

It snowed here all day yesterday. I think we got about 3-4 inches. Maybe less. Who knows these days. Since those 2 blizzards pounded us in December, everything is relative. If we can't measure snow in FEET, then we're big deal, why bother to count a few inches! If it's not blowing and creating white-out conditions, then driving is fine. I wasn't that way until this year. Our snow from those back-to-back storms in December has FINALLY melted. We've still got 18-inch drifts in our backyard, but our driveway/front yard/sidewalks are completely snow free (or they were until yesterdays snow!) Keep in mind that April is our snowiest month, with March coming in at a close second. We had some really nice days in February with temps in the 50s/60s (hence, the snow melt). What a tease! I love those days and we're definitely seeing more of them, but I know the reality is that we have seven more weeks with snow being a very real possibility.

Did you hear about the Denver zoo keeper that was mauled to death (in front of park visitors--ugh) last weekend? A jaguar named Jorge attacked her. Apparently the door to the room she was in wasn't locked. Denver Zoo officials are trying to find answers, but such a sad story. I really think I'd like to see a bear one day, and my chances in Colorado are good...but mountain lions and other big cats scare me out of my mind. That is something I NEVER EVER hope to see face to face. EVER!
I dont' even like seeing them at the zoo!

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