Sunday, December 09, 2007

From the "Jack" Files

Not quite two weeks ago, Jack the Beagle joined our family. Our kids LOVE him. John and I think he's pretty great too. I think Jack is finally getting used to us and to his new home and to the constant attention from the kids. Here are some of the more memorable of our adventures with him so far...

Yesterday morning, Sarah walked in the kitchen with a funny look on her face. She told me that Jack woke her up. He walked into her room, jumped up on her bed, and started licking her face. Yep, I'd say Jack likes her! She was trying to act like being awakened by her dog was the worst thing EVER, but we knew she secretly loved it.

We've had a very wintry weekend. It's been snowing off and on since Friday evening. We've discovered that Jack LOVES the snow. At one point, John was outside with him and the falling snowflakes were huge. Jack was happily jumping up trying to catch them with his tongue. Just like a kid! So fun.

Last week the kids wanted to take Jack for a walk around the block when they got home from school. I hooked Jack's leash to his collar, gave the kids my cell phone and instructions to stay together, and sent them off. A few minutes later, I hear Sarah screaming outside in the garage before she bursts into the back door in tears. Apparently, Jack was "lingering" on their walk (checking out his new neighborhood, I'm sure) and they were pulling him, and they pulled his collar off, and he bolted! OH NO! Thankfully he didn't get too far, we found him in the cul-de-sac down the street, and thankfully, our neighborhood requires us to have fences, so essentially, we were able to corner Jack. I got his collar and leash back on and we made it home safely! I must admit for a few minutes I was very worried that we might not see him again! Now when we walk him, we make sure his collar is tight enough it can't slip off. And when I give the kids my cell phone, I make sure to show them how to call home and not my voice mail. oops.

One night this week, one of our neighbors anonymously rang our doorbell and left a little surprise package on our doorstep with instructions for us to repeat the good deed the following evening. (Have I ever told you that we have the BEST neighbors?) So, the following day, the kids and I made some snowball cookies to share with our neighbors. Of course we made some extra for us to enjoy since they're one of our holiday favorites! Friday evening after dinner, John and I were cleaning up the kitchen, the kids were munching on the last of the cookies, and there was ONE left for John. All of the sudden there was a loud calamity. Jack managed to pull the cookie container off of the table and he gobbled up that cookie LICKETY-SPLIT! Oh my goodness. So funny. So much for saving it for dad.

Since Jack joined our family, there has been much laughter, much petting, much licking and tail-wagging, and much loving going on around here. Who knew that a dog could be so much fun?!


Kelly said...

I knew! ha!
I'm glad ya'll are loving having him!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'm so glad Jack is doing so well and making himself at home in your hearts. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Not at all surprised Jack managed to get the cookies. Our beagle, Abby, once made it all the way up on to my mom's kitchen island (how a short, fat little dog did it we never found out) to eat her lemon meringue pie.

Picture meringue mustache, guilty face, but super waggin' tail!

Love you!

Barb said...

A beagle! What a great choice, Mer, and what a great name you all gave him.

We had a beagle when I was a child and this so reminded me of a funny story. The beagle was actually my brother Jerry's dog and it was a great dog, except at night it bayed at the moon. After weeks of this happening, all night long, my dad made Jerry give the dog away. So he gave it to our next door neighbor. And we still got to hear it bay at the moon all night long. LOL

I've enjoyed all your ornament posts. You have some truly beautiful and specials ornaments on your tree.

And the daily advent devotional site is lovely. Thank you for sharing that link with us.