Friday, June 13, 2008


I felt like I ate some crow today. I posted last week about my kids and their enthusiasm for chores, and while it's true that my oldest two get up and tackle their list first thing, my youngest child and I have gone round and round over her "chores" all week long.

One of her daily tasks is to straighten up her room. She told me a few days ago that she was taking that chore off her chart because she didn't really feel like doing it anymore. My reply? Uummm...sorry, sweetie...that's not for you to decide. That girl definitely has some spunk!

Since the beginning of the week, her room has gotten progressively messier and that box on her chart hasn't been checked off since Monday.

Yesterday and today we worked on it together. I refuse to straighten her room for her, but in an effort to show her that she CAN do this I helped her break it into smaller tasks. For example, I'd say, "Go pick up 5 books and put on your bookshelf" and once she did that, I'd ask her to "Go find 7 things you can throw in the trash" or "Pick up 3 pair of shoes and put them away". After 45 minutes of playing this little game today, her room was finally (first time all week) back in order.

It's not just her room that she doesn't want to straighten either. I've had to coax and prod her to do almost everything on her list. So...if I gave you a false impression that my children are angelic helpers (ha, ha, ha!) around here please know they're not. I've eaten the crow to prove it.


His Girl said...

my children are little piglets. they like to wallow in the muck. i am convinced.

don't eat crow... eat strawberries... they're in season- and your kids are normal!

I want to take cleaning my room of my list, too!

Gina said...

Oh good. I thought there was something serioously wrong with my herd. Ya wanna know something funny? I put make your bed on all of my kids' charts- but I NEVER make mine. So far they haven't noticed.

Jenn said...

Most of the time I can not get my 3 1/2 year old to help like I would like either. Just to let you know my 8 yr. old's room was a constant pig sty that I was always talking to him about (yelling at times). Something happened this spring (maturity?) - he is keeping his room much cleaner and is willing to help out around the house more (most of the time anyway). Hang in there.

Brenda said...

That's funny! My little one is the same. I have to break it down for her and she thinks I have to be in the room the whole time she's 'cleaning'. Crazy!
Her idea of just taking it off the chore chart was too cute!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Brenda :)

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Mmm, well, I still pretty much have to do everything :)

Gretchen said...

Well thank goodness! I was starting to feel a bit of a loser. :) Does it taste like chicken?

I have purposely let both my kids' rooms slide for now because we are in stash and dash mode, but even I can't stand them, so we'll probably spend all next week reaming them out and taking boxes to Goodwill/trashing the rest.

What I'm (slow learner) realizing is it all comes down to not having so much $h!t collect there in the first place. If they have only a little, they'll have to clean only a little. And, I use that vernacular because that's exactly what it is: goody bags, papers (oh, the papers!), dirty clothes, and my favorite: broken parts of toys. Doesn't everyone need those? How about a piece of wrapping paper, or a Barbie shoe? Oh, I get faint just thinking of it all.

Guess I better go now...I have a garbage bag calling my name. xxxooogretchen