Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas break has begun!

Thursday was the kids' last day of school and I had BIG plans to sleep in Friday morning. I made it to 6:58--which is late for me, but not exactly the hour I had in mind. I tried again today and was up even earlier. Hmmmm...I think my internal clock needs to be re-set, and I think that 18 days off is enough time to sufficiently readjust, don't you?

I went to the school board meeting on Thursday night and it is official: Our elementary school is closing. The good news is that all of those students are being relocated together to one of the middle schools that is being reconfigured as an elementary. My middle-schoolers aren't too affected by it. Their school will remain open and will become a 7th/8th grade campus. It wasn't an easy decision for the board and all of their options had cons, but I'm hopeful that our community will support their decision and move forward in a positive direction.

I'm very thankful that a decision was made about our school so I can stop thinking/worrying about this. Sadly, it has consumed a lot of mental space over the last few weeks.

Moving on.

I've been finished with my shopping for awhile, and I mailed my Christmas cards earlier than I ever have, but I haven't baked ONE SINGLE treat unless you count a triple batch of Chex mix. I keep telling myself it's because I want the kids to help me, but who am I kidding? I don't love baking with my kids. I do it because my kids love it and because "that's what good moms do" (said tongue in cheek) but I honestly don't enjoy having every individual nerve in my body challenged at one time.

We WILL be doing some baking this week/weekend though. I went to Walmart last weekend (took me 35 minutes to check out with my groceries last Sunday afternoon--bah humbug!) and I got the ingredients for all our traditional Christmas goodies.

Do you give food gifts? I rarely do. I don't mind receiving them, but I usually talk myself out of giving platters of cookies and candy because I figure that people are sick of "one more platter".
Am I weird? (Wait, don't answer that).

Since I'm rambling about Christmas stuff (in a most unorganized fashion) I must mention how wonderful my house smells since I bought this. We never buy a real tree but you wouldn't know that if you walked in my house and took a whiff. Mmmmmm....

I was telling John the other day that this Christmas has felt really spacious to me. I've given myself and my family the gift of time by being protective of our outside commitments this month. It has been very freeing and like I said, it has felt spacious.

Even our budget has felt spacious this year, despite having to replace the transmission in the car we just acquired. Ugh. We're going to pick it up from the mechanic in a little while. Merry Christmas, honey.

Being able to stay at home for Christmas and not travel has also been a spacious gift. You guys who travel know how hard it is to get all the loose ends tied up in order to leave during an extra busy time of year! My kids are happiest when they're at home on Christmas morning, and I love the years that we get to enjoy that.

I could ramble on and on...but the coffee is calling and so are the Italian cookies that Christen gave to me at Bunco last night. Chow, er, I mean Ciao.


Sarah said...

Wish you and your family happy holidays!

Greetings from Germany
(Silent Reader, so far.)


O Mom said...

My (insane) friend always hosts a cookie baking day for friends and kids. Last year there were 18, 8 &under kids there to bake! Talk about frayed nerves! She is one of those mom's who think the more hectic the better! I always leave that day a complete wreck! ha!

I love 'spacious' holiday times too!

Deidre said...

I'm so glad you said you don't enjoy baking with your kids. I love to give mine the experience because they love it, but boy does it ever work on my nerves.

I have never given food gifts, but realized this year how much I enjoy getting them. I think I'm putting too much into our teacher gifts and such, so I may go that route from now on.

So glad you're home for Christmas!

Trish said...

We are having a 'spacious' month too. I love that term!! Of course it took us moving to the Alaskan Bush to figure out how to do that. Oh well, it's been great!

I do give away baked goods, mostly because I LOVE to bake and if I didn't give them away I would eat them all!

Today is a cookie decorating parties for both boys, so I have four 6year olds coming at noon, and six ten year olds coming at 3!!
I might be crazy.....

Good job on taking the positive road about the school closure. Change is difficult, but you are setting a great example!

Melissa Stover said...

i don't do baked gifts because i'm not a good cook. i love spacious holidays. i try to protect our time as well and not overschedule.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

And hopefully your internal clock won't be reset right as they all have to head back!s

"Every individual nerve in my body challenged at one time" - NAIL ON HEAD. I don't enjoy baking with my kids, either. Madeline is especially, um, helpful.

We decided to go to Dolly's for Christmas but it's only 2 hours away. And that way I don't have to cook. ;)

Rich said...

Thanks, Mer, for handling the BIG favor for me. I think you've handled this Christmas beautifully and I'm guessing your kids will remember this one clearly due to the quiet, warm memories that you work so hard to provide. While we all have "larger family" responsibilities, I think your primary task is to ensure that your little ones (and big one) and you are gentle to yourself and each other. Christmas blessings, Rich

2cats said...

I am glad to hear that I am not alone. I too hated baking with my child, and I only had one. I did it but had gritted teeth the whole time.
I like the quiet Christmases best, but and this is strange I love it hectic too.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! I am finding it more peaceful this year for some reason. I don't know why but I do like it! LOL

I don't enjoy baking with my kid's either. I do it because they enjoy it, but I don't like the mess that happens. LOL

I've never given baked gifts. I have some pretty baked gift boxes that I bought on clearance a few years ago but have never used them. I 'think' I want to one day! ROFL

I had to smile when I read about your house smelling yummy. I was just sitting here thinking the same thing. I bought a new scent for my Scentsy warmer.....Christmas tree! And it really does smell like a Christmas tree!

Enjoy your time off!

Puva said...

Italian cookies! Sounds yummy!

Janet Lea said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one out there who "loves" baking with the kids :)

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

Love how you described baking with kids. I do it because I want them to enjoy being in the kitchen but I am constantly mentally reminding myself to relax!
I don't do baked goods usually. I have on occasion in the past but it's usually not something I think to do.
For once we're having family come see US for Christmas. I'm loving having family with us but not having to be the one traveling~which it seems like I'm always the one doing it.
Good for you for your spacious December!

Brenda said...

I avoid Walmart like the plague on weekends--anytime, but especially at Christmas (tho' I did have to go last night, ugh, but the lines were decent.)
Christmas break started early, unintentionally, for us last week. Just had too many things come up. But that is when we focus on 'life' skills like making fudge (home ec.), taking my sis Christmas shopping and to Dr. appt's (hospitality) stuff like that! And boy was that fudge good!
Have a wonderful Christmas, tho' I see you already are! God is good!

Stephanie Kay said...

I've also been trying to work up the energy (?) or something to make cookies with my kids. It makes me a little crazy. Maybe this week.

Carpool Queen said...

I have to drink a glass of wine or six before letting the boys help me in the kitchen.

Then I have to hyperventilate into the brown bag to get past "crack one egg into the bowl."

Gretchen said...

I'm with CPQ. Jewels in all our crowns for baking with kids. And I remember--my mom and grandma didn't like baking with me, either. I was followed around by a woman wielding a dishrag.

Well done in creating a spacious time for yourself and your family. xxxooo

Betsy said...

I love an unrushed and relaxing Christmas! That is the best gift ever!

And I have the same Fresh Balsam wallflower. Oh my smells SO good!

Tami said...

I love baking and have been giving the people who report to my husband (he only has 5) a goodie bag for the past 6 years. I did miss the year I was pregnant with our last and was in the middle of morning sickness.

I do also love receiving the goodies too.

Sorry about the school closing. We have come to love our elem. school. It is one of the smaller ones in our district and we love how people know each other. I would be very sad if they decided to close it.

Christen said...

oh ha ha, I'm just catching up! Hope you liked the cookies. the only way to eat them is with coffee! (If you don't mind dunking and getting crumbs in the bottom) I ate too many. we are going on a total sugar fast starting the 1st (to clear up candida mainly). sigh. we just had a HUGE car repair bill too! nice. I use to hate the kids baking with me too but it paid off because now Ash can pretty much follow a recipe and do it on her own and is actually a big help! now whether i damaged her poor ego by all my screaming might be a different story.