Monday, June 28, 2010

Things I Learned While Camping

You can get a wicked sunburn at 9500'. Wicked. I did use sunscreen, but evidently not enough.

Vault toilets are totally worth driving a quarter mile up the road for.

Laughing with friends around a campfire is priceless.
So is watching your kids roast marshmallows and make s'mores. And homemade Rice Krispie treats will give the non-chocolate lovers their marshmallow fix.

God loves my family. Proof? The Friday afternoon downpour held off until just after we got our tent put up.

A vole is the same thing as a mole only it starts with a "v". Inside jokeYou had to be there.

A Vita-mix is the ultimate machine. And it makes some pretty tasty salsa too.

You can camp for free in Colorado's national forests. Free. I had no idea.

The back of your van makes a perfectly good surface for preparing/serving food should you happen to leave your folding table at home. In the garage. Propped up right next to your van.

Kids are tough. Scrapes, falls, wet, cold--they're immune to it all.
A Handi-Wipe is indeed handy when you need a "flag" for a game of Capture the Flag.

It's nice to have friends with a camper when it's pouring rain (again) and your tent is already packed up.

It gets cold at night in Colorado. Even in June. Lows in the 40s mean sleeping in toboggans and fleece jackets.

That's SNOW up above treeline!

Even a really bad book will help pass time when you're the only one left at camp while your family and friends hike your favorite hike. I'm not bitter. Okay, just a tiny bit.
Columbine. The state flower of Colorado. Isn't it beautiful?
Knives and spoons are overrated. You can eat oatmeal and spread condiments just as easily with a fork. I thought I bought the variety pack of plastic cutlery, but I didn't.

All food tastes better when you're camping. Even Folgers singles aren't half bad.

According to the other four people in my tent, I snore. Loudly.

Teenagers look WAY cuter in pigtails than adults do. H rocked 'em.

Some people are a wealth of information. Thanks to our friend, Mike, I now know how to make my own firestarters and recycle my dryer lint.
Men love to play with fire. And grill meat. And stand with their arms crossed and their legs far apart.

And camping is ALWAYS more fun with good friends. ALWAYS.


Christy said...

We're roasting over here, send some of those 40 degree nights my way, pleeeessseee. Looks like a fun trip.

Lauren said...

Sooo fun!!!!! Amazing pictures!!! We certainly don't get that kind of camping scenery in FL!!!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I'm a VERY fair-weather camper. Ha. (Hot rollers, indeed.)

Looks like you had a really fun time!

Jennifer said...

How fun!

Now I'm curious Mer.......recycled dryer lint? Hmmmm??

Stephanie Kay said...

You make me want to load up and find a campground! Except that our tent only holds 2 people comfortably, and we don't have enough sleeping bags for everyone, and we have no cooking gear. But other than that I totally want to go! :)

Gina said...

Sure you can get a sunburn at 9500', but can you breathe? Is there even oxygen at that altitude? (she pondered while sitting at 5' above sea level)
Glad you had a good time and managed not to be too bitter about not hiking.

Kecia said...

Yay camping! You must have slept if you snored. :)

Unknown said...

Makes me want to go camping!

Dee Dee said...

So true - camping is SO fun with friends. And s'mores are the best even when there's a burn ban and you have to roast your marshmellows over hot coals! :-)

Kendra said...

I am so not an outdoor girl, but you totally make me want to move out there and start hiking and camping!