Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Misc-o-random thoughts on a dark Tuesday morning

I am soooooooooooo ready for the time to change this weekend. It's just wrong to drive your kids to school while it's dark and the streetlights are still on. Not only that but it's super hard for me to wake up when it's so dark outside. Yesterday, John woke me up at 7:45AM. On a school day. I never sleep that late on school days. I completely slept through Will and Sarah leaving for school. I never do that either. I blame the darkness...and the rain.

I got all of our Halloween stuff put away yesterday. Halloween is one holiday that I'm usually more than ready to pack away. Will and Sarah still have one more outing that they need their costumes for (kinda weird after Halloween is over) so I didn't pack those away, nor did I pack away our pumpkins. They transition nicely into November, don't you think?

I wish I could have packed the candy away (aka thrown it all out) as well. I'm not tempted by it (unless it's Bit-o-Honey or Hot Tamales and my kids didn't get any of those), but my kids are certainly tempted by it. We're only a few days into the begging/pleading/whining for candy, but it's making me crazy. Will's 8th grade team partnered with a local dentist in a candy buy back program. Will told me he was opting out of that. Sigh.

I'm actually on my third day of no sugar. I'm joining Megan again this year and fasting from it until Thanksgiving. I'm still in the detox phase and it's hard, but I know how much better I feel when it isn't in my system so I'm persevering. Let me re-iterate what a good thing it is that no one in our neighborhood handed out Hot Tamales or Bit-o-Honey.

Confession #1: It's shameful how much I love Fantasy Football. I'm afraid I'm hopelessly addicted and know more stats about professional football players than I ever dreamed imaginable.

Confession #2: I'm about to give up on Glee. I'm two episodes behind and I'm not loving the storyline or the direction it seems to be going. They're definitely pushing "my" envelope.

Anyone else happy it's November? I think it's my favorite month that ends in "er". November is a nice change of pace between the busy months of October and December! I usually try to start our family's Thankful Chain on November 1, but yesterday I decided to change it up a bit. I'll share more about that soon.

Parenting is hard. Parenting teenagers is hard. Certain things in my little world are changing and I'm not sure I love it. It's another post for another time though. I have to let my heart catch up before I can begin to write about it.

I must get this day started. I'm going to vote, run errands, have lunch with two beautiful friends, run the crazy afternoon carpool, and hopefully find some time in between all of that to do some laundry. We'll see. I'm pretty sure the laundry will still be there tomorrow.

Peace out, peeps.


JenB said...

Girl, I'm with you on Glee. The beginning episodes were so much better!

Happy November!

Lauren said...

I completely agree with you on Glee, Meredith. I fell in love with season 1, watched it in no time when I started watching Glee in Season 2 and wanted to catch up. But I'm really not liking the direction either and the focus of the show these days!! It's really sad!!

Carpool Queen said...

1. My decorations came down within 24 hours, but I left my pumpkins up as well. This year I didn't carve them into jack-o-lanterns and I'm hoping they'll keep until Thanksgiving.

2. Take 5 bars are my downfall and, fortunately, no one handed them out this year. I seem to have an affinity for Whoppers, though.

I may join you in the no-sugar thing at the end of the week when I make my kids throw out what's left of the candy.

3. Parenting is tough. Yesterday I just didn't get it right. Neither did he. I went to bed frustrated and sad and woke up not sure of where to go next. Is is possible to hit the teen years early?

Love ya' Mer!

Michelle (LemonadeGal) said...

- We don't decorate for Halloween. Not because I have something against it, but because "fall" decorations stay up 2 months.

- I took Glee off the DVR schedule last week. I'm just not into it.

- Everyday I write my parenting resignation letter. It is tough.

Unknown said...

I am super glad to see November! My hubby will be home in 3 days....3 days!! Whew...we made it...

...that being said, I think I will have to forego the sugar fast, because I see much celebrating in my future :)

I don't decorate for Halloween and this year...{gasp}...I didn't even hand out candy. {I actually kinda missed that part}, but I did sort of decorate my porch for Fall...

Hang in there on the parenting...it does get better. I promise!

Jennifer said...

I didn't do much for decorating this year since we listed our house about 8 weeks ago and I really didn't want to mess with it this year. Sad, I know.

I love the Thankful Chain idea. I think I'm going to borrow that idea if you don't mind and use it with my boys! :)

OhioFamOf4 said...

I SERIOUSLY miss Fantasy Football. We used to run our own league back before we had kids. Now my husband does it with co-workers but I haven't found anyone that will let in this lone lady to participate. Glad you are enjoying it.

I'm not ready for teenage years either, I have enough trouble with a 4 1/2 year old diva who already flips her hair and rolls her eyes at me. Ugh.

We painted our pumpkins this year instead of carving. I love toasting the seeds but just wasn't feeling it this year. Glad for November as well, don't actually have any "plans" this week or any deadlines to meet. Not sure what I'll do with myself. :-)