Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Letters

Dear Will,
Aside from a few homework issues, you've had a pretty big and a pretty terrific week.
High school registration? SUPER fun!
Your birthday party? Also SUPER fun!
I think my favorite memory of this week was sitting in front of you and your whole row of friends in the high school auditorium listening to you all talk and laugh. You've been friends with most of those guys since fourth grade (and one of them since first grade!) and I hope you all remain friends for a long, long time. You are all great guys and I think you're going to have a blast in high school.
PS: Your dad wrote something sweet about you here. He loves you so much, buddy, and I do too!

Dear Sarah,
You are such a sweet sister to Abbey. Thank you for fixing her hair yesterday (she loved that!) and for being patient with her and for sharing your cool "big sister" stuff with her. She looks up to you so much...she literally hangs on your every word.

I loved listening to the two of you singing in the van tonight. You guys sound awesome together and you look pretty cute when you share earbuds too. :)

You have the BIGGEST heart, Sarah. You wanted to give gifts to all of your teachers and all of your friends so you spent a lot of time working on Valentines and Valentine goodies this weekend. I hope everyone loves your treats as much as they love you! I love you, sweetie.

Dear Abbey,
You made me laugh so hard this morning on the way to church. We were talking to Will and Sarah about summer camp and when Will admitted his hesitancy about going, you got frustrated. You were afraid he'd back out and you'd lose your "only child for a week" privileges. So funny.

Your daddy bought you a pillow pet this weekend--a fluffy brown dog. You named her Lily but later changed it to Chip. Your treasured stuffed doggie that you've had since you were a baby is named Chocolate, so you named your pillow pet Chip to make Chocolate Chip. You're a clever one, Abbey, and I love you very much.

I'm also proud of you for reading FOUR books this weekend, and so glad we found this book series for you.

Dear John,
I think this was the best weekend we've had in a long time--it was perfect!

Thanks for making me laugh. Thanks for staying up late to watch Mad Men with me. Thank you for driving Will and his friends all over the place on Friday. And thank you for our family Valentine dinner date tonight.

This is our 23rd Valentine's Day to spend together and you're still my favorite Valentine. I love you!

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Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

What sweet letters Meredith! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time this weekend!

You all were smart to go out tonight instead of tomorrow night, when everyone else in the world will be at the restaurants! I think that we will probably eat in, and have a date night later in the week! I'lll try to make it a special family V-day dinner at home! :)

Mindy said...

Sweet Letters! It's so sweet that your daughter made treats for her friends. Those pretzels look delicious!

Unknown said...

Love that!

Happy Valentines day!