Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday morning confessions

1. I'm going to the dermatologist today to get a few moles and spots checked out. I'm a little nervous because I've never been very careful about protecting my skin from the sun, and the sun in Colorado is INTENSE. I'm currently sporting sunburned shoulders and am dreading the lecture I'm probably going to get about that. I wish I didn't love the sun so much. Sigh.

2. I really thought I could pull off a summer bible study but I'm afraid I can't. My group only meets twice a month but I haven't been since early May. I'm going to miss (again) this week because of Sarah's birthday and we'll be out of town when they meet later this month. I'd love to say that I'm working through it on my own, but I'm having a hard time staying motivated without the accountability.

3. We offered Sarah cash instead of a birthday party this year and she took us up on it. She was getting discouraged because a lot of her friends were going to be away and unable to come to a party. I told her she could have a friend or two sleep over instead and so that's what we're doing. That certainly makes it easy for me, but I feel guilty for not doing more. Especially because this is a kind of big birthday.

4. I keep hearing about Pinterest and how much people love it. I wish I could get excited about it, I really do, but I don't need another way to waste time on the computer. Giving up Twitter was liberating for me and so I think I'll be just fine staying far away from Pinterest. If you love it, please don't hate me.


SZM said...

sending prayers for the dermatologist visit. Growing up in Florida I can feel your anxiety!

Leah Belle said...

i don't hate you for not loving pinterest.:) i can see how it can easily become a time-stealer if you browse every one else's pins. i use it to 'bookmark' recipes and craft ideas for later is so much easier to categorize them and find them later!
i hope all goes well with the dermatologist. i understand your apprehension....i too love the sun too much!

Stephanie said...

I ditto what Leah said. I don't get on there and just browse aimlessly, but it's more a place for ME to save stuff so I can find it (and having the pictures there is fabulous for the visual prompt I need to remember a project). And, for me, I check it on my iPhone after the girls go to bed at night - if I have time, fine, if not, it's still there when I get to it, and I can do it while I hang out with T in the evening and not have to get on the computer.

jen medeiros said...

Praying for your appointment today....I have moles and have them checked once a year. So I know how you are feeling.

As far as Pinterest....I went there a couple of times and have decided to stay away. It is all or nothing for me. Not because I didn't like it....I just don't have the will power to visit for a short time while there. not to stop by at all. Managing by blogging time is challenging enough:)

Praying for a peaceful day.

Cristina said...

Praying peace for you. I've been there, too. Thanks for being so are an inspiration! I'm not in the know with Pinterest or all the other things people do online. FB is enough of a time stealer. I really have to limit it!

OhioFamOf4 said...

Hope your visit went well today. I'm SO fair, I go once a year myself. I could get burnt just looking out the window on a sunny day, lol.

I've never heard of Pinterest, so I'm afraid I shouldn't look. I waste enough time on FB.

Miss G said...

So glad the appt. went well and I need to go myself. You must have been able to get in really quick, a definite plus.

I respect your stand on Pinterest and Twitter. TEchnology can be a big time suck and priorities are super important. Kelly