Monday, August 08, 2011

Nine on the Ninth (Except it's the 8th!)

Stephanie caught my date snafu. It's the 8th not the 9th. I'm such a dork.

1. I'm taking Abbey to the orthodontist today. She's getting fitted for her palate expander which will be put in on Thursday. It sounds like a torturous device and I think we're both a little nervous about it. The poor girl has absolutely NO room in her upper mouth so it must be done.

2. We have two weeks of summer left. And they're already feeling full. Ugh. We've checked lots of stuff off of our summer list and have a couple more fun things we're looking forward to.

3. The kids had their first "campoline" experience of the summer last night. I stole the term campoline from my brilliant friend, Gretchen! Gravity really doesn't allow for spacious sleep while on the trampoline, but in this case, that big blob of bodies, blankets, and sleeping bags is probably a good thing since it's been dipping down to around 50 degrees at night!
4. I've been craving chicken salad lately. I've made it twice and it was okay but I really don't have a good recipe. Anyone have one that they want to share?

5. I keep meaning to write this down so I won't forget. A couple of weeks ago, Abbey got up from the table, looked at me and said, "BRB". That's texting lingo for "be right back". Realizing what BRB meant made me laugh out loud. LOL. I have my hands full staying on top of things these days. OMG.

6. I think Sarah and I are going to see "The Help" this week. I hope it's good! I typically tend to like a book much more than the movie. It looks like it comes out on Wednesday. That seems weird to me. Don't movies usually open on Fridays?

7. I can barely contain my excitement about football season. Football is consolation for the end of summer.

8. John is planning to take the kids to Elitch Gardens before school starts. I told him he could just drop me off at IKEA on the way. IKEA opened in Denver the week we were in Arkansas. I've been trying to find a time to go (sans family) and that sounds like the perfect arrangement to me.

9. Have a lovely Monday.


Stephanie said...

I just read The Help last week and adored it. I'm almost hesitant to see the movie because I loved the book that. much. So good.

PS. Isn't today the 8th? Or am I already a day behind this week?? (Say it isn't so!) : )

Beth said...

Loved the Help, too! Ooo, enjoy IKEA--we went, it was fun but crowded. Hopefully, a few weeks after it's opening it won't be as crowded for ya :)


Sarah said...

chicken salad: I boil my own chicken and then have broth too. I shred the chicken and mix mayo, salt, pepper, nuts (usually pecans), and dried cranberries (I've also used halved fresh grapes). Simple is best!

Julie Todd said...

Been a while since I've been here. Heck it's been a while since I've been at my own blog. After four years on blogspot... I have found my way to a Wordpress and a fresh new start. I fondly remember how I started blogging in the first place. I had received your Christmas letter and wanted to leave you a note on your blog. WAHLA I had a blog...

So as I remember today I've come back to visit again.
I can picture your day as I read your words. I can see your face, your house, the mountains... I loved it.

I'm glad I met you all those years ago.

Much love,

SZM said...

Loved the book, The Help. Cannot wait to see the movie!

SZM said...

oh, and we are fond of saying, "IDK my BFF Jill" around here. It is from a commercial but anytime we don't know the answer to something we say it.

Gina said...

I make a once yearly pilgrimage to Ikea whether I need to or not. Ours is always So crowded that it wears me out. That and the fact that it takes 1:45 to get there and 1:45 to get back. Once a year, baby. Once a year.

OhioFamOf4 said...

My friend gave me her mom's recipe for chicken salad and it has red onion and diced apple in it. I feel immediately in love. It's crunchy, a little sweet, has a bite. I can get you the exact recipe if you like.

My closest IKEA is almost 2 hours away in Cincinnati and I love that they have babysitting. And the swedish meatballs in their good.

jen medeiros said...

I am looking forward to seeing The Help, too. Hoping for a good movie....I agree....usually the book is better....but from what I have seen/heard....the movie might be just as good.

IKEA is a favorite place of mine...hope you get there soon and have fun!!

Anonymous said...

All I do for chicken salad is use the Costco canned chicken with mayo, pepper and dried basil and garlic. Everyone else's sounds good! Haven't made it to the new IKEA yet but am looking forward to it!

Laurie said...

Loved The Help and am anxious to see the movie but I hope it lives up to the book. The only movies that I think have done that in the recent past are The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I actually liked them better than the books.

My Daniel had a palate expander for three years. They are hideous and when you have to use the key to open them every night it seems like the worst torture. My advice is ibuprofen and a lot of sympathy! I have to admit that there were nights that we didn't turn the key because Danny's mouth already was so sore. We just waited until the next night.
The results are certainly worth all the misery! Danny had the worst roof of the mouth...almost a valley really and it totally flattened out and made room for his orthodontia.
Glad you are blogging again. I've given up...for now...just can't get it together.

Brenda said...

We naively thought we'd go to IKEA the weekend following its opening on our way home from visiting my brother in Longmont. We got there at noon with the intention of grabbing a hotdog, or some Swedish meatballs (and don't forget the cinnamon rolls!). We started walking up the hill to the store and, thankfully, were told before we got all the way up there that there was an hour wait just to get in the door! What were we thinking?! 3 hungry adults and 4 even hungrier children standing in 95 degree weather for an hour. I don't think so! I like IKEA but not THAT much! I do look forward to going back soon. Hope you had better success.

Gretchen said...

Gotta tell ya...Abbey will sail through w/her palate expander. I remember Jenny having all manner of junk in her too tight mouth before those braces went on, and I was astounded that she could still speak! :) They assimilate so well. But, as another commenter said, do make friends with Ibuprofen, especially just before you leave for another ortho appt.

Lurved The Help. Went with a gf, but want to take Jenny, too. Soooo good. I felt like it really honored the book.

Campoliners unite! ;)