Thursday, June 28, 2012

Safe, but heartbroken. Please pray for Colorado Springs.

Good morning, friends.

As you probably know by now, much of the area where we live is being threatened by a wildfire. My family is safe and sound on the Gulf Coast and we're keeping an eye on things from 1400 miles away.

The images we're seeing online are heart wrenching. Many, many friends have been evacuated from their homes and they are not out of danger yet.

Yesterday, we were alerted to a pre-evacuation notice for our neighborhood. At this point it is NOT mandatory but precautionary. If the fire progresses north of Colorado Springs (we live just north of the US Air Force Academy) then evacuation will become mandatory. Our house-sitter, along with the help of some friends and neighbors gathered up the things most valuable to us and moved them to a safe place. One of them even videoed the contents of our home. We are so blessed to have amazing friends looking out for us.

Despite all of the scary images and uncertainty of this fire, we are having a GREAT vacation. We're obviously a bit distracted by the fires back home but being here has it's perks. I just wish I could dump a fraction of the water we've spent our days staring at onto the parched soil of my beloved Colorado.

Please pray that the winds would die down and that those who are working SO hard to manage this beast of a fire could see some containment soon. We have lots of firefighter friends who are working the front lines on very little sleep and in some pretty extreme temperatures. Pray for supernatural strength for them. And pray for rain! We need it desperately.


Michele said...

Praying for you! So sorry

Christy said...

Thanks for updating Meredith...been thinking about you guys! Praying for rain!

gail said...

glad you're safe! watching the devastation unfold on live tv tuesday night was heartbreaking. praying for those here who have lost homes, and that this fire would be contained soon!

Kecia said...

I have been wondering--so glad you're safe. Still praying-
(My brother and his wife are here in Arkansas, but their house is still safe, too.)

lisa said...

70% contained today!

Yesterday my fiance and I went to Garden of the Gods and 30th to take pictures. It was hard to keep it together.