Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday

We're having a super lazy Saturday. The kids and I have played hard this week and we're all feeling slothful today. I love the ultra laid back pace of summer weekends. Also love that we don't have anything we have to do today.

How about some random nothingness today?
I bought a new cap this week and I love it! I kinda have a thing for caps/hats. I love wearing them. You can't really see the purple flower on the side but it's really fun! Actually you can't even tell how cute the cap is from this picture. You'll just have to trust me.
We stayed up so late last night watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. As usual I thought it was a little weird--I just don't get all the artistic interpretation--but also very interesting. My favorite part is when the athletes parade into the arena. Seeing their smiles is amazing and heartwarming and I feel so happy for all of them--especially the athletes from tiny countries! What an honor to represent your country at the Olympics.

I downloaded a free Olympic app for my iPhone to keep up with events, schedules, athletes, and medal counts. It even lets me watch events live (through my cable provider) and I'm pretty jazzed about that since we're taking a somewhat impromptu road trip this week to one of my favorite places and I'll be able to watch while we're on the road! Yay! The app doesn't have great ratings but I've had no problems with it whatsoever. 

Fair warning: Y'all might get tired of me talking about the Olympics. 

We have a little more than three full weeks of summer left. BOO! I feel the need to pack the remaining weeks with as much fun as I possibly can and cross a few more things off of my summer list. I am NOT looking forward to structured days and crazy schedules. I'm going to have kids at three different schools again this year (and for the foreseeable future) and that means that my mornings and afternoons are pretty nuts. I'm grateful that I get to be the one to take them/pick them up every day but it does get a little hectic sometimes. Will is old enough to get his driver's permit but he has shown zero interest in it so we haven't really pushed him. I'm hoping he comes around soon. I've gotta admit that I will be happy when he can help out with some of the driving around here.

That's about all I can think of right now. My patio, my favorite outdoor chair, my newest Southern Living magazine, and a glass of ice water are calling my name this morning. Peace out, peeps.


Gina said...

Ok, so I read the sentence 3 times, and I could NOT figure out why you would be excited about the atheists entering the arena.
I've had a margarita or two tonight, so never mind me.
Our son turns 15 in a few days, and I also cannot wait for him to start driving. Hooray for teenagers.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Your hair has gotten so long!

I thought of you the other night - I used "peeps" in a sentence and Addie snapped her head around at me and gasped with her mouth agape. I said, "WHAT?!" And she whispered, "Mom! That is a bad word!" She looked so disappointed in me. I have no idea where she got the idea that it's a bad word, or why she's never reacted that way when I've said it before. It made me laugh.

How crazy strong are those guy gymnasts?!?!?!

SandyM said...

I love your hat! I look horrible in hats & I love to see them on others. It looks very cute on you.

I'm right there with you on the Olympics. I got that ap for my iPad, too. So far, not really impressed with it, but we are DVRing lots of the stuff. So glad we did that for the opening as they kept adding more & more commercials. I too love when the athletes come in smiling so big, dressed in their country's garb, so excited to be there. I just saw on FB that one of the few athletes from Guam is the daughter of my friend's pastor. My friend & her husband have been on Guam for years as teachers/leaders of a Bible college there.

I love summer & will be sad to see it end. Gretchen's kids will start school tomorrow (home school on year round schedule) & I was thinking we still had lots of summer left. Boo hoo.

A word to the wise: (from an older experienced mom...) Don't be too anxious for your son to drive, even though it will lessen your driving. Our daughter did just fine, but our son had his 1st (of many) wreck 2 weeks after he got his license. His next wreck was 2 months later... I've talked to other older moms who also had "son experiences" with driving young. I know some do fine (& I thought he would, too), but just as most boys take a little longer to mature, many of them are not quite ready to drive on their own as soon as they turn 16. Well, now that I've written an entire blog on your blog.... Sorry.

Hope I can see you in Sept.