Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Snapshots

It's no secret that I love summer. I don't know if it's the complete lack of schedule or the unhurried rhythm of our days but there is something so relaxing and peaceful about this season of year. I sometimes wonder if I'll feel this way when my children are grown and our lives don't revolve around the school calendar. Something tells me it will always be my favorite...

Besides haircuts, physicals, dental appointments and all those things I try to knock out during the summer we've been trying to have as much fun as possible.

We've been checking out new places...
The girls and I stopped by Squeak Soda Shop one day last week after someone told me they serve shaved ice. I've been trying to find a snow-cone/shaved ice place after consuming one-a-day while on vacation. It was a cute place and the shaved ice satisfied my craving! The soda shop is really close to the Waldo Canyon burn scar so on the way there we saw quite a bit of the fire's devastation. I couldn't keep the tears from falling...it's pretty hard to take it all in. We saw where the fire came to the end of some friend's street and stopped. There are signs everywhere thanking all the firefighters and first responders. It's a pretty humbling scene. One that locals won't soon forget.

Yesterday we hiked up to the top of Castle Rock. We didn't go to the very top (no trail) but we got up as far as the trail took us and looped around the giant rock formation. I bribed the girls with a trip to the pool afterwards. They're not big hikers but this was a short, easy hike and not only have we now officially crossed it off of our bucket list but they have bragging rights! I told them every time we drive past that big rock formation on our way to Denver, they can look up and say they've climbed it. I'm pretty sure they were more excited about swimming than bragging rights.

We also celebrated Sarah's birthday last week! She had two friends join her for a little shopping excursion, dinner, and a sleepover. Our shopping trip included a stop for her favorite dessert--Pinkberry! She had a fun day and got a VERY nice gift from her sweet daddy. We usually let her pick a place to go for a fun birthday dinner out. I thought it was sweet that she wanted to wait until Will got back from camp and go out as a family even though we gave her the option of going without him. She's a beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, funny, responsible, caring, smart and wonderful 14-year-old and we are so thankful for our Sarah!
Will got home from Young Life camp on Sunday and I am very happy to have all my peeps at home this week. I've had three weeks of summer with only two kids at home and I've gotta say it feels strange. With two teenagers I think that could become more and more of my summer norm but I am happiest when all five of us are home together. Will has one more camp to attend this summer and after that it will be almost time to start thinking about school. Oops. Didn't mean to even voice that thought. 

Until then, I intend to milk every last drop of fun out of summer!

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