Friday, September 28, 2012

A peek at my week

Saturday: Last Saturday was Homecoming at Will's school. He's been "going with" a sweet girl (that I really really really really really really like) for several weeks so she was his date for the dance. John was out of town (boo!) so I got to take him to meet her for pictures at the park and then drive them a friend's house where a lot of the kids on their cross-country team gathered for dinner before the dance. I also had the privilege of driving a van-load of kids to the dance AND staying awake until 11:30pm to go retrieve them. Will had a great time and I was reminded again how grateful I am to have a partner in this parenting gig. I was also reminded to pray for two of my friends whose husband's have been deployed since May and who handle solo-parenting with grace and ease. They are my heroes!

Sunday: Took the kids to church (Will wasn't too thrilled that I made him get up early after a late night), cleaned house, welcomed John back home, and watched football almost all day! I love football. I love Sundays. And I love it when my husband is home!

Monday: Ugh. My debit card number was stolen over the weekend so first on my agenda was getting that all straightened out and the $340 in transaction charges disputed. Thankfully our bank was on top of things and cancelled my card before things got really out of hand. I left the bank and drove to John's office for their chapel service. They had a musical guest that day that I really enjoy (I'll share more about that soon--I think I might even have a little giveaway for you) and then John took me to lunch afterwards. It was nice to have that time with him because he left for Dallas just a few days after I returned from Arkansas and I felt like I'd barely seen him! Lunch dates are my favorite!

Tuesday: My normal Tuesday morning meeting was cancelled so my friend Lisa and I climbed the Incline. The hike down was gorgeous as some of the trees are changing colors at our elevation. I think I only took this one photo. Hopefully you can see some of the gold scattered among the evergreens.

Wednesday: Wednesday was Bible study morning at church. We're studying James this semester. So far, I am really really enjoying this bible study. I've always loved the book of James (and I'm even considering taking Beth Moore's challenge and memorizing the entire book)(I'm hoping that no one in my group reads this (KIM!) who will hold me to this in case I chicken out)(that's why I'm using the extra small font). I had a coffee date Wednesday afternoon with a friend. We seriously scheduled it three weeks out b/c of our busy schedules. 

Thursday: Yesterday was Grilled Cheese Thursday! Twice a month, Young Life serves hundreds of grilled cheese sandwiches to high schoolers in our town. They walk (or drive) to our local YMCA where volunteers are busy buttering bread and happily grilling sandwiches to serve to them. It's a fun day and the kids always seem grateful for a change from cafeteria options. If you're local and want to get in on the fun, let me know because I'm the volunteer coordinator for this!

Friday (TODAY!): I finished up some work stuff this morning (that gets squeezed in between all the other stuff in my life along with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and errands). I probably should have tackled the grocery store this morning but I found myself with some unexpected time at home so I seized it. And look! A blog post resulted. Win-win! I'm going to meet a friend for an impromptu lunch in a little while and then I'll begin retrieving kids from school, and then I'll make dinner (though pizza sounds like a smart move), and then I think we're going to a high school football game tonight (though a movie and pjs sounds equally nice). Tomorrow, Sarah and I are going shopping for a dress for her to wear to Homecoming (her school's homecoming is next weekend) and I'm hoping to squeeze in a nap afterwards. And Sunday? I can't even wait to tell you what I'm doing on Sunday. So stay tuned!


Lee Ann said...

My book Group did Beth Moore's "James" study last spring. LOVED it! I got through the first chapter memorizing it - and then my life got turned upside down for a bit and I didn't finish. I'm cheering you on to memorize the whole thing!

Miss G said...

Can't believe you're leaving us hanging on Sunday's plans!!! Kelly

SandyM said...

Oh, he is SO handsome! Loved the picture with you and the one with her.

What a neat idea about the cheese sandwiches!

The pictures on your hike are beautiful! And again you so impress me with the vigorous hikes you take!

Sorry to hear about your debit card... what a mess, but glad you knew right away.