Wednesday, October 03, 2012

October currents...

My current read: My reading mostly takes place while waiting in the carpool line and I lately I've spent it reading magazines and my bible study lessons.

Current playlist: I downloaded a song we sang at church last week and have had it on repeat on my iPod ever since. Full Attention by Jeremy Riddle. 

Current color: Orange! I love orange.

Current drink: I'm trying to detox from caffeine and I'm well on my way but I had a killer headache for a few days. The no-caffeine thing is hard when Starbucks taunts me with the pumpkin spice latte. It's harder still when morning temps are in the 30s and 40s. I suppose I could get the decaf version. Now there's an idea. 

Current food: copy-cat salad. When I was in Arkansas last month my sister took me to a place called Newk's where I had one of the best salads I've ever had. I've been trying to recreate it ever since because I literally crave it. I've almost perfected my balsamic vinaigrette. Almost.

Current wish: more hours in a week

Current need: jeans! that fit!

Current triumph: Last Sunday a friend and I climbed Grays Peak AND Torreys Peak. Both are 14,000+ foot mountains in Colorado. I'm working on a blog post about our hike but here's a pic from the top of Torreys.

Current annoyance: I mentioned last week that my debit card was stolen. That in itself is annoying but     it brings with it a whole other set of irritations--like having to write checks and returning items purchased with old debit (and ending up with store credit instead of cash back in my account). I got a new debit card in the mail on Saturday but didn't get my PIN until yesterday which made for a panicky moment at Costco when my transaction wouldn't go through without it. Thank goodness I still had my checkbook in my purse. 

Current indulgence: Daytime naps and going to bed super early. Sleep is my indulgence--not sure exactly what that says about me.

Current blessing: Good friends.

Current outfit: Well, at the moment I'm wearing my flannel nightshirt with moose on it, but will soon be changing into workout clothes. 

Current excitement: I'm hiking today with some friends. I did this same hike early last month and the leaves were just beginning to turn colors. I'm hoping we see some pretty colors today but I'm worried the wind we've had of late may have blown all of the beautiful leaves off of the trees. We'll see. I also love the cairns all along this hike! (You'll see some more cairns in my upcoming post from Grays/Torreys). 

Current project: I'm going to try to use my Silhouette to cut out some vinyl lettering for a friend this week. I have a feeling that will lead to more head is already full of ideas. 

Current plan: John and I talked last weekend about instituting one night per week that our family turns off our electronic/techy devices (phones, iPods, iPad, computers, and television) and have a screen-free night. He asked me to choose the night and I chose Wednesday. We start tonight and I'm sure it's going to be met with some resistance from our kids. We realize that some homework requires a computer so we're not hard-liners here. What we're going for is an attempt to have a night where we're not all off doing our own thing on our own devices. We're not opposed to turning on the television to watch a show as long as we're all in the same room watching it together and not watching television with a computer or other device in our hand/lap. 


SandyM said...

Ha ha, I think we talked about how hard it is to find good fitting jeans! I'm trying to wait it out until I lose at least the 5 pounds I gained on our trip (have lost 2). Eating out for a month adds the pounds quickly!

We are having a week off from TV... we put our DirecTv on hold for Sept. & Oct. since we'd be gone, but we are here for a week helping Gretchen move. We are enjoying the quiet, even though we don't have it on a lot anyway.

Once again, amazed at your fun hikes!!

Jennifer said...

I'm guessing that your current jeans are all too big! You look great & congratulations on your accomplishments last Sunday!