Thursday, November 01, 2012


Good news--I scored four things out of my girls' Halloween baskets last night. They gave me all of my favorites--one package of sour patch kids, one piece of Bit-O-Honey, and two packages of candy corn. I'm pretty happy with that. I think they have enough candy to last until next Halloween. Too bad I don't like chocolate. Otherwise, I'm sure it would only be enough to last until next week. Smile.

Here's my little Minnie Mouse.
I mentioned last week that I bought her costume (smartest move EVER considering my inability to keep my head above water the last few weeks) and it's pretty simple but I thought she looked VERY CUTE. Best of all, she loved it and was h-a-p-p-y.
The two of us trick-or-treated with one of her favorite friends and her mom. Her friend was a cute little nerd (who took off her sweater and glasses and set down the dictionary she was carrying around for this picture). They were adorable. And they raked in a ton of candy. The weather was really pretty nice this year. Abbey still needed her coat (as did her mother) but I'm not complaining.

Sarah trick-or-treated with friends and ditched the cute bumble bee costume we bought in favor of 80s workout attire. I guess that's that's the prerogative of a fourteen-year-old girl. And I'll be returning that unworn costume today, thankyouverymuch.
Will opted out of the festive fun and stayed home and played XBox while John and the Beagle passed out candy to droves of trick-or-treaters.

A fun night was had by all but after two big nights in a row I am beyond exhausted! I so wish today was Friday but at least we have no place we have to be tonight. I am very much in need of a nice quiet evening at home!

Happy NOVEMBER y'all!


Christy said...

Fun costumes!! Look like you guys had a blast!

Emily said...

Your Minnie Mouse is adorable! : )

And, wasn't the weather amazing?!?