Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hump Day

I'm popping in with another one of my seven minute updates. I truly only have seven minutes because I have to get ready for a lunch date with my husband and a couple he's been wanting me to meet. I'm excited about a Halloween lunch date.

I'm even more excited to have the morning off from work! Our huge Young Life fundraising banquet was last night and I have been crazy-busy with that for awhile now. It was a huge success and I am really happy to have it behind me. I still have quite a bit of follow-up work to do but my pace should begin to even out here before the holidays and I am very very thankful for that.

I actually just got back from a quick morning walk. I usually get up at the crack of dawn to hit the trail with my neighborhood walking posse, but I got home super late after our banquet last night and decided I needed to sleep in which was wonderful. I don't get to do that much these days. I'm super happy to report that I've logged 100.3 miles for the month of October! 100 miles is my goal every month but most of the time I fall pretty short. Every single one of those one-hundred miles this month did wonders for my stress levels!!!

I'm missing Abbey's class Halloween party today. Pretty sure it's my first class party to EVER miss but I just can't arrange it today. She's fine; I'm the one who's more sad about it. I'm not a room-mom this year and can I just say it is VERY nice not to have that on my plate right now?

We have big plans to trick-or-treak with some friends tonight. I am so happy that we're having great weather today and very mild temps! Colorado Halloweens aren't generally kind to trick-or-treaters, but this year the weather is definitely a treat!

Hope you're all having a wonderful, hump day! Happy Halloween!