Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday randomness

I don't always like Mondays, but I've decided I like this particular one. Mainly because I'm getting away by myself to do something I love. I betcha I'll like next Monday too because next week is spring break! I cannot wait.

The weather we've had lately has certainly made it feel spring-like around here. Just last Monday we had mounds and mounds of snow on the ground from another spring blizzard and I was certain I was going to be looking at dirty snow for a long, long time. Wrong! Thanks to some beautiful, sunny days, it's completely melted save one small patch in our backyard! I'm usually over snow by now but you will not hear one single word of complaint out of my mouth this spring because we need every drop of moisture we can get in order to decrease the fire danger this summer. 

John and I did a little summer vacation planning/dreaming yesterday afternoon. Looks like the winning destination will be CALIFORNIA! I've been lobbying hard for sunny CA for months while the rest of my family has been indifferent or indecisive. But I think John is finally on board and plans can begin to take shape. Sun, sand and surf? I'm in!

Remember how I told you a few posts back that Saturday morning was social hour at the grocery store? I was wrong. It's Sunday afternoon at 4:30pm. John and I made a quick trip to grab a few things we needed for dinner and ran into SO many people. It's fun to live in a small town. 

So, did I mention that next week is our spring break? We're not traveling anywhere, at least not anywhere far. We're going to try to ski for a day, do some shopping in Denver, and we're having Abbey's birthday party next week too. Other than that, I'm hoping it's a low-key week to catch our breath at bit before the final push to May. Is it just me or has this school year flown by?

Alrighty. Must get off of the computer and get this day started!!!
Happy Monday everyone!

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