Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We've been on Spring Break this week. John took the week off to hang with all of us and it's been a really nice week--a good mix of rest, fun, and productivity!

Here's some of what we've been doing this week...

Celebrating TWO birthdays. John and Abbey both had a birthday last week and we kicked off our spring break with a birthday dinner for them.

Bought a new oven. We were down to 2.5 working burners on our old one.

Christened the new oven with Easter dinner cooking and birthday cake!

WAY too much eating out.

A shopping trip to Denver. Everyone needed shorts and tees and sneakers and one girl in particular had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.

Movies. We saw The Croods last weekend--I thought it was cute. We've stayed up late watching a few others. My "7" group has been fasting from media for this two-week period. I gave up Facebook and Pinterest but couldn't give up movies or television. Just couldn't do it. 

Fro-yo! A new place opened in town and we really like it. I will not tell you how many times we've been there in the past two weeks but it's pretty obscene.

Sleepovers--I think each of our kids has had one this week. And surprisingly they weren't too crabby the next day.

Science fair project. Abbey and friends got their project mostly completed.

Playing football with friends. That was Will, not me, but I love when my kids love things I love. Surely I don't need to remind you I'm a football fanatic. 

Painting projects--we only got one-third of them completed, but I'm good with that. We just simply ran out of time.

Work. John and I both had some to knock out, but we paced ourselves. And I'll admit my pace was pretty slow.

Hiking. I did the Incline with two friends. Two weeks in a row--yay! I've been trying to get back in my once a week groove.

Survived another spring snowstorm. Yeah, our spring break started off SNOWY and freezing cold with  temps BELOW zero, but thankfully it's warmed up nicely.

Dying eggs. We skipped this last year and honestly, no one was super excited about it doing it yesterday. I think we might be ready to let that tradition die.

Sleeping in! I think I've gotten up to walk ONCE this week. That's not normal for me, and I'm pretty sure my early wake up time on Monday is going to be brutal.

Went for my  annual mammogram. Hopefully they won't call me back again this year for additional views. That would be a first we shall see.

We're having Abbey's birthday party this afternoon--a swim party! She's excited and I need to go finish up her cake.

Happy Easter everyone!

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*carrie* said...

Glad you had a good week. I was thinking of you since we were in town!