Thursday, July 18, 2013

SMP 7.18.13

Well, my pool-side experiment worked! Hooray! Hopefully that means I can blog more often like say, from the carpool line. I'm not ready to think about carpool lines yet though. We still have lots more fun to milk out of summer!

We had a nice family vacation last week. Our original plan (California) had to be amended because we needed to put some vacation funds toward our vehicle purchase so we settled upon Telluride, CO instead. We've lived in Colorado for nearly ten years and have never visited Telluride. I'm just sad it took us that long to discover this town. It was GORGEOUS.

I sort of laugh because it seems like every new place I visit in our beautiful state quickly becomes my favorite but honestly? Tellluride IS my favorite. Hands down.

Here are a few pics. I will write more about our time there tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

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