Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And the award goes to...

If there was an award for the worst blogger of the summer it would be mine.

We got home last night from a road trip to Arkansas/Missouri.
By the way, 2700+ miles is a great way to break in a new vehicle, don't ya think? 

As we were driving we talked about our high points of the summer and I realized I haven't blogged about most of mine. I will. Soon. I promise. But today I must finish laundry, buy groceries and school supplies, take my soon-to-be-JUNIOR to school for student processing, and squeeze some work in there too. I'm not just tip-toeing back to reality today. It's more like I'm jumping into the deep reality that vacation is over and we have one more week of summer filled with appointments and tasks. Booooohooooo. 

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Gretchen said...

Welcome back, friend! My blog suffered from summeritis too!