Saturday, February 08, 2014

Six on Saturday

1. I'm "retreating" this weekend with friends and streaming the IF gathering from Austin. Y'all, it is so so so so so so good. I needed this more than I realized. I love that all of the things I'm hearing are things that God has been talking to me about over the last month or so. So affirming. So gracious. So good. Maybe I'll process here a bit next week. Or maybe I need to soak in it a bit more. I'm not sure. I just know I'm exactly where I need to be this weekend.

2. Hard to believe that last weekend I was playing in Chicago--in the snow and cold--with my sister, cousins, and aunts! We had a FABULOUS time. I have lots of pictures and need to blog about that soon.

3. We're gearing up to celebrate Will next week. He turns 17 on Monday. Seventeen. I'm in a bit of denial that I can have a child that old. I "think" that I'm much younger than I am, but believe me, there are days that I feel every one of my forty-three years.

4. We're finally warming up after some VERY cold days here this week. Brrrrrrr. I think this might be the coldest temps/windchill we've ever seen. School was canceled two days in a row because of extreme cold.
5. I L-O-V-E the Olympics and can't wait to catch up on what I've missed after this conference. I'm sure I'm going to be staying up way past my usual bedtime for the next two weeks!!

6. I have the hardest time thinking of six things sometimes so I'm just going to wish you all a happy Saturday and get ready for session three of IF! Are any of you streaming also? Any of you lucky enough to be in Austin?

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*carrie* said...

Hey, Mer. I attended a pretty big (150 women) group at a local church that was streaming IF. Lots to process!