Saturday, March 01, 2014

Six on Saturday

1. I've been a little more quiet here lately. It's not for lack of thoughts. My heart and mind are exploding with big things that God seems to be working out in me but I'm processing more inwardly than outwardly these days. There's good stuff there but it's made me a little more quiet.

2. Were you aware that last Thursday was an awareness day for human trafficking? I gained a deeper understanding of this gut-wrenching issue last year at the Life and Justice conference I attended and there are a couple of ministries I support whose goal is to END IT. Anyway, I used a sharpie to make a big ole red X on my hand on Thursday. It didn't wash off easily and therefore I woke up on Friday with a big ole red X on my face...and on my pillowcase. Funny. Two days later I still have a faint red X on my hand. I think that's a good thing though...
(This is the two-days later photo.)

3.  I mentioned earlier this year that John started a new job--this new one being part-time. He was able to move to part-time but keep his full-time salary and full-time benefits (CRAZY!!!) That means he's home with me a lot more. We've synched our days at home together around our work schedules and so far it's going well, though we've both had to make some "adjustments" to being home together so much. Overall, I'd say it's been a very good thing for our family! I think my favorite part might be having some help with kid activities and transportation. Is that lame? 

4. Yesterday I made my big grocery shopping and Costco trips. In between those two, I met a friend for lunch. She ended up going to Costco with me...and can I just say that Costco is much more enjoyable with a friend?!?! She made a mundane task so much more fun! This reminds me that I need to post my menu plan.

5. Last weekend, I went to a painting studio with some friends for an open paint class. I shouldn't really say it's a "class" because they don't teach you HOW to paint. You can choose from dozens of paintings they have (or pick your own) and then you just sort of imitate it while they guide you along the way. I came home with this..
Mine turned out a little different than the original one (on the right below) but I was pleased with it. 
John wants to frame mine. Which is sweet, but not necessary. I had a fun evening with friends and I get to go again soon for another friend's birthday party. :)

6. I'm so slap-happy that it's the weekend. I'm heading out in a little while for a ladies morning out with one of my favorite speakers from the IF Gathering. We also have a track meet on tap today (though it's in the 20s and just so yucky outside) and other than that we have little else on our "have to-do" list. That's my favorite kind of weekend. Happy weekend to you, too!

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