Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Currently: March

Current Read: Last week I ordered Bread &Wine by Shauna Niequist. I absolutely love it so far and her recipes look amazing!

Current Playlist: As usual, I have an eclectic mix going at all times. Some of my favorites include Brave by Sara Bareilles, U2, and Matt Redman. See? Eclectic.

Current Color(s): Brown. Navy. Black. Not necessarily together. 

Current Drink: It's still cold here so my beverages must be warm. Coffee with almond milk is my favorite current morning drink but mid-morning I switch to tea. This is my old favorite that has become a new favorite again.

Current Food: This popcorn (Chicago mix from Costco). Ugh. Can't. Put. The. Bag. Down.

Current Favorite Favorite: My cousin introduced me to the teasing brush in Chicago last month. I came home and bought one and I LOVE it. It gives me the volume I need without having all kinds of product residue in my hair! I tried to find the same Paul Mitchell teasing brush that my cousin had but couldn't (and was too impatient to order/wait for it) so I ended up buying this one instead.

Current Addiction: Instagram. And Words With Friends. And Candy Crush. Sigh. 

Current Wish List: I really love these stackable rings. I think a set with my kids' names would be fun but I also think a set with character traits or words that I aspire to be would be equally awesome. JDB, there are a couple of gift occasions coming up. Hint hint.

Current Need: I need a new hairdryer. Mine seems to be dying a slow death. I went to buy one the other day but couldn't decide on one. I guess I'll keep using what I have until it goes kaput. I'm very picky about my hair appliances. 

Current Triumph: After a pretty slothful few weeks, I think I've found my morning exercise groove again. I've gotten up and walked the past 8 out of 10 mornings. Triumph. It's getting warmer (and lighter)(until time change this weekend screws that up again) and that certainly helps.

Current Annoyance: Competition. And you know what? I'm competitive. I'm annoyed when I feel drawn into competition and I'm annoyed by what it stirs in me.

Current Mood: Thinky. Is that a word? And introspective.

Current Blessing(s): Physically and emotionally healthy kids. Answered prayers. And people who bring peace to my life.

Current Outfit: Yoga pants, tank top, fleece hoodie, UGGs. Wore the same thing yesterday. And I might even wear it again tomorrow. Smile.

Current Excitement: Looking forward to time with some friends on Thursday. We're overdue for a catch-up! And SPRING BREAK! Really excited about a break from the daily routine.

Current Project(s): Decluttering. My house...and my life. This podcast was a good catalyst for me--
PODCASTS - Christine Caine (You might have to scroll down to find the one on Decluttering.)

Current Prayers: My 4-month old nephew has been in the hospital since last Friday, with the flu and rotavirus (and possibly more infection). It's pretty pitiful but he's in a good place and they're slowing getting answers. Also praying for ANOTHER friend diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm growing weary of seeing the number of friends diagnosed climb higher. It breaks my heart.

Current plans for the day: Coffee with a friend and some birthday party planning for Abbey. My house could use some attention too, but the other stuff is way more fun. It might be wishful thinking but I'd also love to work a short nap into my day since I woke up (unintentionally) at 4:30AM.

Current thought that I love:


*carrie* said...

I just ordered B&W last week, too! I heard her speak in Oct at the MOPS conference, and then again at IF and finally took the plunge on the book.

I'm listening to the podcast per your suggestion--fascinating! And I'm so curious who you hung out with last weekend?!

adrienne said...

Love all of Shauna's books!! I'm drinking coffee and wearing hoodies too. Just had yet another snow storm. Chicago. sigh. Soooo ready for spring!!!