Saturday, August 02, 2014

Yet another week in photos

John and I took a "field trip" last Sunday to some friends' church. John got to know the pastor and his wife (Jason and Kara) while helping Kara with her book this year and since our kids weren't with us, we decided it would be fun to pop in for a Sunday visit. We enjoyed it! And I finally got to meet Kara. I sat several rows behind them and spent a good deal of the service fighting tears as I watched her tenderly mother her children. Other than my eyes burning with tears it was a very good morning!
Jason briefly mentioned chocolate cake in his sermon and that was all it took for John to have chocolate cake on his mind. We went out to dinner that evening and brought dessert home with us. I got cheesecake since I hate chocolate. Yummmmmm. We lived pretty large while the kids were gone. I didn't cook AT ALL! 
4:47AM is not a time I typically wake up in the mornings, but our kids' flight got into Denver at 7AM on Tuesday morning and 4:47AM is the time that John's phone woke me up with texts from kids and grandparents that they had boarded. I'm an early riser, but when that first number is a's not pretty.

I put my makeup on in the car. But there wasn't enough make-up in the world to hide my tired-under-eye circles.

I also had a snack in the car. I was trying to take pics for another What I Ate Wednesday post but I wasn't consistent with my photography that day so maybe next week!

The FlightView app is a momma's best friend when her children are traveling unaccompanied!

My people are all back together!!! We missed these faces so much. But our house stayed super clean and I think I did a whopping two loads of laundry while they were gone. Not gonna lie; that was kind of nice.

I thought they'd crash when they got home since they'd been up since 4AM for their 6AM flight...but no! They wanted to go buy school supplies. So we did. And then momma came home and took a nice, long nap!

Most of our week was rainy and cool which is very unusual for Colorado. I LOVED it though. Days like this are perfect for napping and reading and watching hours upon hours of HGTV while snuggled up with my girlies.

I think I've worn jeans and long-sleeved tops every single day this week. With flip flops, of course.

It was with GREAT reluctance that I flipped my calendar to August yesterday. Groan. This coming week is the last unscheduled week of summer. We start school on the 20th but the week before school begins is filled with all kinds of orientations and registrations and commitments. SO. NOT. READY. FOR. SUMMER. TO. END. (My wall calendar doesn't have one single thing written on it for August. My planner, however, is an entirely different story.)

That no cooking thing? Yeah, it ended pretty abruptly once the kids got back home. I made my bi-monthly grocery shopping trip yesterday. This is what two-weeks-worth of groceries looks like for a family of five. And this doesn't include the Costco trip we made the previous day.

This wasn't the most exciting week ever but it was perfect in my book. I finally feel caught up on my rest and some stuff around the house. Our weekend looks to be relaxing and I am thrilled about that! Happy weekend, folks!

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kara said...

I knew I loved you. I don't like chocolate cake either. Thank you for your kind words. I loved having y'all with us. You both are simply my favorites.