Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another week in photos

Obviously, this photo-documentation of our weeks is growing on me. 

Sarah got home from her Seattle trip (late) last Saturday night. She sat in the floor and talked our heads off until after 1AM. She had a great time and we were all so happy to have her home...even Will. I say this all the time but I am very grateful for kids that love each other.
Late Sunday afternoon we went to The Rock House for some ice cream. 
Dairy disagrees with me so I had lemon sorbet. One word: YUM! 
Later than evening we grilled flank steak for dinner. Southwestern flank steak and Greek salad is my favorite summer meal. Have I mentioned that I'm a carnivore? I love meat, but especially red meat. 

On Monday night Will had his senior pictures made. I know it seems early, but the yearbook submission deadline is mid-September and I was ready to have that crossed off of my mental list. We did them outdoors at a park with amazing views of the mountains. I cannot wait to see the proofs.

Obviously, I'm the amateur photographer but see why I'm excited about the proofs?

Wednesday night, we put these guys on a plane to Arkansas where they're spending the week with their grandparents. They arrived safe and sound and are having a great time.

Originally John and I had planned to get away to the mountains but finances plus an unexpected project derailed those plans. Our adjusted plan has been fun though. We've been spending our daytime hours working on our "project" (hopefully I can share a little about that next week!)(it's exciting!) and our evenings OUT on the town. Ha ha. That basically means we go out to dinner and are back home by 7pm.

Yesterday we left around noon, went to lunch and to Costco, then went downtown and saw a movie. Wish I Was Here. You know we like those odd, quirky films and this one didn't disappoint. I really liked it.

Meanwhile, our kids were having fun in the sun. :)
We had dinner in Old Colorado City with two of our favorite people in the world and on the way home, we drove past Garden of the Gods. I made John stop so I could take a picture. This view just never gets olds. Stunning, isn't it?

Happy weekend, folks! John just brought me breakfast in bed so I'm signing off to enjoy a few more minutes of leisure before I get in project mode.

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Betsy Maddox said...

That sounds like a fun week! I think y'all are a lot like us--we can have fun doing pretty much whatever together. Even a week home alone together is fun! And I can't wait to hear about your project. I am a carnivore, too, and I LOVE red meat. Your flank steak is on my to-try list now! I also wanted to share this recipe with you (for kale/quinoa salad). I had it at a restaurant out in Phoenix last week & thought you might like it since you are trying to eat clean!