Wednesday, September 03, 2014

One Direction: St. Louis

Last week, my girls and I went to St. Louis to see One Direction. I can't even begin to explain to you how crazed they are over this band of five boys. Truth be told I kinda love them too. Sarah and I saw them in concert last summer in Denver and Abbey was heartbroken that she didn't get to go. I knew I'd like to try to take her this year but when they announced their 2014 tour dates for the US, Colorado wasn't on the list.

It felt CRAZY to travel to see them in concert in another state, but we have family in St. Louis and I can usually get cheap plane fare and it just sort of all fell into place. We surprised the girls on Christmas morning with the concert tickets and there were many happy tears and shrieks of joy!

Here's some photos from our trip.

 They *had* to miss school so they did homework on the plane. I was absolutely NO help with Pre-Calculus. My kids are all better at math than their mama.
 And yeah, we melted in the heat and humidity. Oh. My. Gosh.
 Had to drive past Busch stadium on the way to the concert. I've been to lots of Cardinals games in my life but all in the old stadium. This new one is so pretty.
 This is as close to the Arch as we got. My last experience there was a little too fresh. 
We had to wait out a thunderstorm on the way to the concert. Since we were already downtown, we snacked on ice cream and then had pizza at Pi. It was my second time to eat at Pi and seriously, it is THE BEST PIZZA I've ever had. Better than any pizza in Chicago, hands down. I am hoping they will expand to Denver one of these days. 

 Our seats were WAY higher up than they looked on the seating chart. Nosebleed section for sure.
 This smile is PRICELESS!

One Direction put on a GREAT show for us and 55,000 of our closest friends (that's a LOT of people). I was looking at my iPod on the plane the next day and they sang a TON of songs from each album and all of my favorites!

The girls and I got to see both of my aunts and one of my cousins while we were there. Oh, and my aunt's new dog, Gracie, was our constant companion. We always try to grab a bite at "Bread Co", which is what people in St. Louis call Panera, because it originated there before it expanded. St. Louis is a fun city. We did some shopping one day and I even found Blase Avenue, though I wasn't fast enough to snap a pic. Plus I was driving so it wasn't really safe for me to do that. :)

Was it crazy to travel for a concert like that? Maybe. But you know what? My girls will remember that for a long time...and that makes me happy.

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Jennifer said...

I'll say it again... Best mom ever!!! What a fun trip & wonderful memory for all 3 of you!