Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Happy List

Happy Thursday, friends. I'm happy today. My husband is back in town after several days away and life is just better when he's here. I do not enjoy solo-parenting and have ginormous respect for my friends who are single moms or whose hubands travel frequently.

Just thought I'd share a list of happy things that I have either been enjoying or have recently discovered!

1. If you're a fan of NBC's Parenthood and you love Christina Braverman (I've only met one person who didn't like that character!) then you need to check out Such a fun find on the world wide web!

2. A couple of weeks ago, I made this healthy protein cookie dough. It's actually very good. I only had one kid try it and I didn't tell her what was in it until AFTER she'd eaten it..and had seconds! She liked it! I liked it too! I'll make it again!

3This commercial makes me laugh every single time I see it. I think it is so funny.

4. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. When my oldest daughter started wearing makeup I tried to find her something very natural looking and we landed upon this tinted moisturizer. She bought a tube and loved it, but no longer wears any kind of foundation. I was in her room the other day looking for some nail polish (that she "borrowed" and didn't put back...grrrrrr) and saw her tube and thought I'd give it a try. It's amazing. It's perfect for those days I don't really want to put make-up on but need a little something to just even out my skin and brighten things up. The downside is that it's expensive--more than my normal make-up--but Sarah told me I could have her tube! #winning

5. I got back in my PiYo groove this week and I'd forgotten how much I love that workout!

6. Costa Vida. This restaurant opened last week really close to my house and I've already been twice. It's SO good. I've tried mahi mahi tacos and a taco salad and both were delicious. There's still a couple of things I want to try from the menu so I guess I'll have to keep going back until I'm satisfied. Smile.

That's all the time I've got for today. Peace out, peeps and happy Thursday!

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Miss G said...

You know I always love a good restaurant suggestion! Kelly