Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Currently ::: October

Current Read: I am sad to say that I'm not reading anything right now. I haven't been making time to read and that's just wrong. I miss it.

Current Playlist: Bethel Music, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, David Crowder Band. Ecclectic, as usual.

Current Color(s): Gray, orange, red. Not together.

Current Food: I kind of threw some ingredients together for lunch the other day and it was so good that it's now become my favorite go-to lunch.
It's artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers (from a jar), kalamata olives, cucumbers, and feta over a bowl of quinoa. I don't even add any seasoning because it's flavorful enough without it.

Current Favorite Favorite: Fall candles, our DVR, NFL Sunday Ticket (got it free for the season when we switched to DirectTV last spring), and a super amazing beauty product that deserves a post of it's very own. Stay tuned for that last one...

Current Addiction: SPellegrino sparkling water. And season one of The Black List on Netflix.
Current Wish List: I really want a black/white or navy/white gingham shirt. Anyone know where I should look? I saw some online for $88 and that's a whole lot more than I will spend.

Current Need: I really need to buy a new planner. Mine ends in December and I already have 2015 dates I need to get on the calendar.

Current Triumph: I feel like I'm finally finding a good rhythm in regard to my priorities and my time management and that feels like a triumph!

Current Annoyance: We woke up on Saturday to electricity in only half of our house. Turns out that one of two wires from the power box to our house has deteriorated to the point that it's only functioning at about 30%. An electrician came out Saturday and moved some of our circuits onto the one fully-functioning line until the other could be replaced. My oven, washer, dryer, bedroom/bathroom lights were unable to be re-circuited due to their voltage size so we've been doing what I call "suburban camping". Cooking in a crock-pot. Doing laundry at the laundromat. Wearing a headlamp to the bathroom. Yeah, seriously. And showering in the dark. Fun times. They came and mapped out all the power lines yesterday so they could dig up/replace the old line today. Hopefully this suburban camping life ends soon, which is good because I'm running out of crock-pot ideas and clean underwear.

Current Blessing(s): The (minor) inconveniences we've been living with the past few days make me realize these are first world problems and we are incredibly blessed to have things like heat and unspoiled food and a working coffee-maker and internet. And funds to pay for the repairs. And so so so much more.

Current Outfit: Well, currently I'm still wearing my workout clothes from this morning but I'm going to shower soon and get dressed for the day. I'm thinking jeans and a lightweight cardigan. I think our temps are 60s/70s today--perfect! 

Current Excitement: I am very excited about Trader Joe's opening on Friday in Colorado Springs! It's been a long wait for TJs to arrive in my neck of the woods. I have a list going...AND I have a balance on a TJs gift card. Pretty sure I've never been this excited about grocery shopping before.

Current Project(s): My plate is pretty free of projects right now and I am more than okay with that!

Current plans for the day: Shower. Errands. Lunch with my "church girls" to catch up and do some brainstorming. Carpool. Dinner. And hopefully some Black List before bed. That is if my bedroom has electricity by tonight. Fingers crossed! 


Amy said...

That lunch looks fantastic! I'm going to try an everything bowl!

sara said...

Love that checkered shirt! Your lunch looks great except that i am not a quinoa fan. Maybe on some brown rice?

I borrowed your currents for a post. I hope you don't mind. :)

adrienne said...

check the gap for that shirt. i just got one and it was cheap with a 40% off sale. and lunch looks good!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

i think old navy also has gingham tops right now:)

Anonymous said...

This boyfriend gingham shirt is on sale for 32.99 at GAP and there an additional 25% off with the code HAPPY when you buy online. My daughter has it and it is cute.

Ali said...

That lunch you made looks delicious! I may have to make that soon! Thanks for the picture if you had just written the words I might have though that a crazy combo but, seeing the picture sold me!

~ Ali

Betsy Maddox said...

I got a shirt just like that at Target! :)