Saturday, January 17, 2015

Six on Saturday

1. Good morning, blog friends. It's Saturday! That means I made it through another week--and thankfully this one was a lot easier than last. I'm still trying to find my rhythm this semester but things seem to be falling into place.

2. My friend and I hiked the Incline yesterday and I can sum it up in one word: treacherous. I'd heard reports that it was icy but I'm not a newbie. I've seen ice and snowpack on the Incline and I knew I could handle it. I was wrong. I've never seen ice like that. Thank goodness for Yaktrax. I'm not exaggerating when I say they saved my hiney yesterday. Regardless of trail conditions, it was a beautiful hike.

3. I love to hike. It keeps me sane. It keeps me balanced. And it keeps me active. Lately though, I've had some pretty significant knee pain when hiking. I was hoping it was just a matter of needing new shoes but I'm starting to believe it's a bit more involved than that. This getting older business is hard.

4. Remember in my Currents post when I shared that I'm trying to let annoyances go quickly? It seems that when I share that kind of stuff publicly, the challenge increases exponentially. (Hint: that's kind of why I do it--accountability). I've had SO SO SO many opportunities lately to let things go but I've also lost a few of those challenges. I love this quote. I'm happy with progress.
5. I discovered and have been listening to the Serial podcast this week. Oh my word. SO addicted. I love podcasts. I typically listen to one every afternoon while waiting in carpool line. I'll share some of my favorites soon!

6. On tap today: I scheduled a meeting with myself this morning to sit still and really focus on the details of our upcoming IF event that my church is hosting (local friends, it would thrill me if you joined us). Shopping for a dress for her Sarah's upcoming Snowball dance. My bi-monthly grocery shopping trip (ugh). I'm also hopeful I can squeeze a short nap or early bedtime in there.  


Miss G said...

So fun that you are hosting If!
I'm proud of you for working on annoyances! At the East library there is a basket of slips of paper labeled Random Acts of Kindness. I pulled one out when I was there the other night and my bright blue slip says "cut someone some slack". It is a really good reminder and yes, I'm finding I have lots of opportunities to practice. :)
Sorry about your knee! I know a great chiropractor if you think that might help!
good luck with the dress shopping! My mom and I have so many remembrances of me being WAY picky and having fun shopping together! Kelly

Betsy Maddox said...

Oh my goodness...that ICE!! Yikes! Glad you made that hike safely! And I am about to start listening to Serial this week. I have heard about it from so many people so I am excited about hearing it. I love pod casts, too! Can't wait to see what your favorites are. Have a great week!