Thursday, January 08, 2015

SMP 1.8.15

Blogging has been on my to-do list for over a week. Maybe even longer than that. Being out of town for 12 days in December and being thrust into January upon my return has not been kind to my to-do list. It's been a one-step-forward-TEN-steps-back kind of week. Those are not my favorite kind of weeks!

We had a nice time in Arkansas over Christmas. We typically stay in Colorado for Christmas but this year we switched things up and spent time with both of our families in the "motherland", as my husband calls it. I was immensely grateful that we were able to fly instead of drive. I wasn't grateful for the 2.5 hour delay leaving Denver or the cancelled flight that delayed our return home by a day, but those are small things.

School started back a few days ago and we're all beginning to find our groove again. This is Will's last semester of high school--can't even find words for that--and I'm trying to savor these days with him at home knowing that change is right around the corner.

Happy 2015! I'm excited about what this year has in store!


Miss G said...

oh! look at all you beautiful people!! I heard that Ann Voskamp's post from yesterday is good for savoring each moment. Haven't read it yet. Kelly

Betsy Maddox said...

What a great picture!! Happy 2015, friend!

Kecia said...

I wish I had gone with Mike when he preached in Nashville! I would have convinced him to meet y'all afterward. :D Glad you had a good time-

Jill said...

Happy New Year!

Lindsay said...

WOW! Time flies.... Hard to believe Will's on the brink of being college bound? Ouachita?