Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Random Post for the Week

Whew! Today was our busy day. I'm glad it's over. Very glad.

The countdown has begun! The kids have three more weeks of school left. Actually only 14 days because they have a four-day week next week. I am so tired of making lunches and having to remember all the things they each have to take each day. I can't wait!!! I guess other parents and students are ready too. Sarah has been invited to THREE end-of-the-school-year parties. Her social calendar is very full these days.

Oh yeah, did I mention I was tired of homework? Really tired of it. Last night John and I got together with some friends from church and we had a babysitter for the kids. While I went to get our sitter, John helped Will finish up his homework. They didn't quite finish because they got stumped on one of the questions. Will is doing fractions right now, and this particular problem was pretty tough--even for my brilliant husband. Before we left, I overheard John tell our babysitter that he'd pay her extra if she'd help Will figure that problem out. She's very smart and of course it was finished when we got home...and yes, we gave her a couple extra dollars!

I took Will to get his summer haircut this afternoon--a buzz. It looks great and we both love how easy it is. He thinks it's so cool that he doesn't have to brush his hair for awhile. Me too.

Today one of Sarah's classmates had a celebration at school. She was celebrating the completion of her chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with leukemia in kindergarten, but she's doing great now. I can't think of a better thing to celebrate, can you? One of Will's classmates had hip surgery today. He has some rare degenerative disease that has affected his hip. He's been in a wheelchair for a couple of months now and probably will be for at least a year longer. So sad. Those two situations made me so grateful for healthy, happy children. It's not to be taken for granted that our kids are as healthy as they are...and we say Thanks, Lord.

John talked to one of his editors today about writing more Living the Questions Bible studies. The four that he wrote (that have been published) were on the four gospels, but now they want some based on Paul's letters. Exciting stuff. This series was actually "his baby". The idea was his own and they gave him a lot of creative space. That's always a nice thing.

I met a lady a couple of weeks ago who had just moved here from Texas. We started talking and realized that we had lots and lots of things in common. I invited her to get some coffee/tea with me this moring and we had the best time. I love adding new friends to my circle! And it's always fun when they're from the give us lots of things to laugh and talk about.

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