Thursday, May 04, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...or maybe NOT!

Colorado Springs has a minor league baseball team called the Sky Sox. Today, Will's class took a field trip to a Sky Sox game. I don't remember going on field trips like that, do you? Anyway, I had volunteered to go, but his teacher had enough parents and didn't need my help. At first I was bummed, but this morning I was thankful. It was FREEZING! Seriously! The temps started out in the 40s, dropped to the 30s, and the wind chill was in the 20s. It was foggy/rainy/drizzling/snowing. Definitely not baseball weather. They ended up cutting the field trip short as the game was delayed due to fog. Will was pretty disappointed, but I was glad they didn't have to sit out in that weather longer than they did. I told him we'd take him some warm summer evening! Sounds like a much better plan to me.

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