Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow. I did a double take when I looked outside. I don't always catch the weather forecast, but this was a big surprise. The ground was completely covered, but it melted pretty quickly once the sun came up.

Speaking of snow, Pikes Peak is still snow-capped. It's usually all melted by June but I don't know if it will be gone as quickly this year. We'll see. It's always a sad thing to me when the snow-cap melts. It's still pretty majestic looking, but the snow really accentuates its beauty.

How are gas prices where you live? Sunday afternoon, we put $40 worth of gas in Minnie-the-van. I had about a quarter of a tank when we filled up, and $40 didn't even bring her all the way to full. Very depressing. It was $2.79/gallon Sunday. Yuck.

I'm downstairs and I keep hearing thuds from the kids rooms so I'm off to see what chaos I need to manage. Ta ta for now!

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