Thursday, August 07, 2008

Computer News...

Well, our Mac is officially dead. We can't even turn it on. Actually, we can but it makes a horrid screeching sound when we do, so I'm leaving it off. I'm at the library right now using their computer, and it looks like this may be my lifeline until we decide what/when/where/how to replace Mr. Macintosh.

Honestly, we used the heck out of that machine. It served us well considering that John used it to write 9+ books. We have an old ancient PC that the kids play games on, but I took a new look at it this week and it's pretty worthless. It's old enough to have a floppy drive and doesn't have an ethernet port...sad.

I've actually enjoyed the break from the computer and internet though. My house is quite clean (I've even found more closets to clean), I've finished 1.5 books, and I spent most of today scrapbooking bringing my total pages completed since last Friday to 14. Woohoo! It's been great and SO productive.

The flip side of that is I've realized how heavily I rely on the computer.
...for recipes

...for quick answers (did Friday Night Lights get picked up for a third season? which side is your appendix on again? what other shows has that actor been in?)

...for weather (I actually had to watch the news for the forecast yesterday *gasp*)

...for scrapbooking (I need my blog to help me remember what I was doing two years ago!)

...for news and information

...for charging Sarah's ipod, and keeping my queue full

...and for keeping up with friends

Now for a bit of happy news that has nothing to do with our computer--It's been raining here almost all day. It's been a slow, soaking rain that is very rare in Colorado. I LOVE it. We've been in the 60s all day. 60s. I KNOW! I put my fleece on after I got out of the shower this morning. It feels like fall and that makes me so happy. Almost happy enough to forget that our computer is D.E.A.D. and that I'm hopelessly behind on all of your blogs! I hope to catch up soon, but in the meantime, I'll be checking in when I can.


Tiffani said...

Oh no! I know that's so frustrating!! Maybe the Lord will allow something to work out for you guys...btw, that list of things you rely on the computer for??? sounds like someone else I know! (and by someone else, I mean ME!) I'm jealous of that weather it was in the high 90's today in Georgia and BOY could we use some rain!!! I'll miss you...but hopefully you won't be away too long!

Amber said...

Praying that computer troubles are over...soon!!!!!!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

So sorry Meredith! I agree. The worst part of losing your computer is the lose of instant answers. I didn't even know how much I went to Google to get directions, recipes and phone numbers until our Internet connection went down.

Come back soon!

Gina said...

I Google EVERYTHING. It has become a part of my everyday vocabulary, "Go google it, because I don't know the answer." "Go google 'contact rashes' and see if you have poison ivy." "Go google a recipe for...."
I know what you mean about mourning your loss. I actually think that when this one kicks over again I may switch to Mac. Maybe.

His Girl said...

oh, i am going to miss you soooo. were I rich, a new computer would arrive on your doorstep by morning.

of course, we i rich, i'd be holding it!


come back soon!

Teri H said...

=( on the computer... I'm thinking my computer needs to "die" so I can get some things done too!

Yes, I'm loving the "fall" temps we had... that one day. It was SO NICE!

Kecia said...

I realize it's August and I live in Arkansas...but I'm getting excited for fall!

Lindsay said...

Hi Mer... I'll be missing your posts. So tell me about the 9+ books that John's written... Perhaps the study guides for Nav Press.

We finally had rain in Arkadoo yesterday after triple digit temps. Not cool enough for fleece but wow 76 degrees with a nice breeze was so refreshing.

Gretchen said...

Poor Mr. MacIntosh. He'll be remembered well...

I hope you get a new 'puter soon, Mer. We DO rely on them, don't we.

Meanwhile...Enjoy the rain. I remember those wonderful days in CO. They were so rare that they forced me into the kitchen to bake and have hot chocolate, etc.

Megan L Hutchings said...

So Sad! It truly is funny how much we all rely on our computers ;)!!!! Good luck shopping for a new one and enjoy your spare time!

Stephanie Kay said...

My condolences on the passing of your computer.

It's been cool here all week - in the 70s with rain off and on and clouds. Great for my electric bill, a little stir crazy for my kids. I'm not quite ready for fall. I'm definitely not ready to be trapped in a house with 3, wait! make that FOUR small children once cold weather does arrive!! But I am ready for a morning cup of tea, chili, and hot casseroles.

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Enjoy your offline life. My hubs and I like to call those "decisions made for us." May Mr. Mac rest in peace.

On an online note, wanna be Blockbuster friends? I'm always looking for movie ideas and most people I know are on Netflix.

Brenda said...

Well, I see you're looking on the bright side of things anyway. Being able to accomplish a lot. Hopefully you'll be back on using a shiny new one soon.
God bless,

Rae said...

Maybe I need to pretend my computer is dead so I too can get so much accomplished! I know how hard it is to see your precious oh-so-reliable Mac die. Sniff, sniff. We went through that two years ago. Just remember...don't replace it with a PC!!! :)

I'm so jealous of your weather. I am just yearning for fall type weather!

Holly said...

Must be catchy. Our main computer died on Friday :( I'm praying we can save the pictures, audio and financial data, though.

Have a restful day, Meredith!

Barb said...

I feel so bad about your computer - I know it has to be upsetting. I'd be in the same boat, trying to figure out what to do about it. Buying a new computer isn't in my immediate future, for sure, so I'm praying mine hangs on a while longer.

We got an unbelievable rain storm out here in western Colorado last Friday night. Two and a half inches in an hour and winds that actually scared me. Even hail - and flash flooding. I prefer your slow steady rain.

Unknown said...

So SOrry about the computer!

I am glad that you have the library to check in from time to time!


Ingram Gang said...

poor mr. mac :(
Hope you get a replacement soon!!!

Leah Belle said...

oo... hope computer woes are over soon!

its unseasonably cool here too...i don't know what to think except that i LOVE it!

Unknown said...

I am surprised at how much I use the 'net for all that stuff too! I'd be lost w/o it.

Out of curiosity, do you think you'll be getting another Mac? We're thinking of getting a laptop & hear that it's kind of the way to go...

Natalie Witcher said...

Oh I do hope you get one soon!!

Fran said...

When Mr. Mac goes...its a very sad day. I'm so sorry.

We are all highly addicted to the net. Sadly so but true.

Let us know how and when you are running at home again.